Julian Richter

Julian Richter, producer and exhibition designer

After Julian’s studies of German literature, philosophy and theatre in Hamburg and Munich, he worked several years with different theatre companies and for theatre festivals in Europe and Israel (Sommertheaterfestival, Theater der Welt, Ruhrfestspiele, Akko Theater Festival).

Since 2003 Julian Richter and William Forsythe have worked together, developing and presenting the Choreographic Objects. This series of artwork researches the human body, movement and choreographic patterns. It deals with the inner contemplation of visitors and modes of action of gatherings of people. Some of the works activate the body, others perturbate movement.

In Julian’s daily work as producer, he is confronted with a never ending chain of questions concerning this new art form: Choreographic Art in museums.

  • How to place best these works in the context of a museum or in public spaces?
  • How to publish information about this kind of artworks?
  • How to deal with the expectations of the visitors?
  • How to deal with the architecture of the building?
  • How to use form and color, avoiding that audience loses the physical approach?



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