Martin Schick

MARTIN SCHICK, born in Fribourg (Switzerland), is a a freelance performer and choreographer and lives in Berlin. He works on scenic plays, researches, performative acts and Installations, raising questions about the limits and possibilities of performative space. After visiting a private ballet-school he studied theatre at the University of Arts in Berne. He worked 2 years as an actor for TV (Sitcom) and cinema (Nordwand / Tandori Love a.o.) and started then to work for independent theatre and dance-projects and as a choreographer for different state theater in Germany. Since 2007 he has intensely collaborated with the artist Laura Kalauz, investigating models of communication, the impact of conventions (artistic, administrative, politic etc.) within the theatrical milieu and visa versa. „Title“ (2009) was honoured with the ZKB patronage prize 2009 at Theaterspektakel Zürich and with the last project „CMMN SNS PRJCT“ (Freischwimmer-Production) they are on tour in numerous places all over the world. Together with the visual artist Vreni Spieser (CH) he realised several projects as f.ex. Omomoto or “optimism exp.12/2012″. 2012 he presented a collaborative work about social dance called “200mm” at Tuchlaube Aarau, he worked with children at the “Winterakademie” in Gessnerallee Zürich (www.kinderpolizei.com), participated a group exhibition at the MUSEUMSNACHT BERN, was teaching at the Highschool of Arts in Zürich and collaborated with the performance collective INTERROBANG for “Sprachlabor Babylon” at the Sophiensaele Berlin.

In July 2012 he premiered NOT MY PIECE at the Festival Belluard/ Bollwerk International in Fribourg (CH), a production supported by Far° Festival Nyon, Gessnerallee Zürich, Kaserne Basel, Biennale Bern, Festival Performa Losone, Arsenic Lausanne and Beursschouwburg in Brussels (on tour now!). NOT MY PIECE is selected for the SWISS CONTEMPORARY DANCE DAYS 2013.

2013 he premieres his new production HOLIDAY ON STAGE, a collaboration with Damir Todorovic, co-produced by Gessnerallee Zürich, Dampfzentrale Bern, The Basement Brighton, BRUT Vienna, VOORUIT Gent and Beursschouwburg Brussels.

Since January 2013 he is supported by the fondation nestlé pour l’art (partnership). Thanks to this, he is about to realise an “institute for applied postcapitalism”  in Fribourg.

2014 he will be supported by the european network WEB.

http://www.martinschick.com / http://www.kalauzschick.comhttp://www.notmylab.org



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Actor's Master Class med Kirk Baltz

Vi starter det nye år med en master class med Kirk Baltz.

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29. januar - 3. februar 2017 i Odsherred.
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Complete Vocal Technique Workshop d. 7.-10. marts

Sangteknikken 'Complete Vocal Technique'  benyttes med succes af scenekunstnere på verdensplan. Teknikken er funderet i videnskabelige undersøgelser. Workshoppen fra d.7.-10. marts giver sangere, dansere og skuespillere mulighed for en indgående introduktion til Complete Vocal Techniques forskellige tekniske værktøjer, som umiddelbart herefter kan anvendes.

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