Jesser S. de Souza

Brazilian, age 48, is an actor, director, clown, teacher and researcher.

Began working in the theatre in 1981. In 1985 entered the Macunaíma Theatre School in São Paulo where he studied for two years and participated as an actor in the CPT – Centre for Theatrical Research, SESC, directed by Antunes Filho. Between 1987 and 1989 was a member of the professional company Núcleo ESTEP – Nucleus of the Popular Theatre Aesthetic. In 1990 entered the Scenic Arts course at – UNICAMP (the University of Campinas), graduating in 1993 with a BA in Theatrical Interpretation. Since then he has been an integral member on the team of actor-researchers at LUME - Interdisciplinary Nucleus for Theatrical Research, UNICAMP, Campinas, Brazil.

He has participated as an actor in the following productions: Eu Chovo, Tu Choves, Ele Chove - Sylvia Orthof (1981/1982), Mais Quero Asno...- C.A. Soffredini (1982), Pluft, o Fantasminha - Maria Clara Machado (1983), Auto de Natal Caboclo (1984), Quem Casa Quer Casa – Martins Pena(1985), A Farsa do Advogado Pathelin (1985), Cala a Boca, Senão eu Grito - Leilah Assunpção (1986), A Gaivota - Anton Chekov (1986), Na Carrêra do Divino - C.A. Soffredini (1987), Mais Quero Asno... - C.A. Soffredini (1988), Alegre Vizinhança - C.A. Soffredini (1988), Três Atos Públicos - Judith Malina - Living Theater (USA) (1990), La Serva Padrona - G.B. Pergolesi (1990), Bastião e Bastiana - W.A. Mozart (1991).

As an actor-researcher has participated in the following performances in LUME's repertoire: Taucoauaa Panhé Mondo Pé (1993), Anoné (1995), Contadores de Estórias (1995 to 1998), Afastem-se Vacas que a Vida é Curta (1997), Parada de Rua (since 1997), Saídas de Clown (since 1995), Mixórdia em Marcha-Ré Menor (since 1996), Café com Queijo (since 1999), O que seria de nós sem as coisas que não existem (since 2002),  Os bem-Intencionados (since 2012) , Cortejo Abre Alas (since 2010), Perch (since 2013).

Since 1981 he has studied Vocal Technique, Modern Mime, Etienne Decroux Mime technique, Lyrical Singing, Peking Opera Mime, Corporeal and Vocal Mimesis, Accordion, Music Theory and Band Music, Viola Caipira (Brazilian 10 stringed guitar), Technical and Vocal Training for the Actor, Butoh, Clown, Circus Techniques, amongst other things and has worked with Luís Otávio Burnier, Carlos Simioni and Ricardo Puccetti – LUME (Brazil), Lee Bou Ning – Peking Opera (China), Denise Stocklos – Mime (Brazil), Leonard Pitt – Mime (USA), Judith Malina – Living Theatre (USA), Maria Bonzaningo – Teatro Sunil (Switzerland), Natsu Nakajima - Muteki-sha Company (Japan), Eugenio Barba, Iben Nagel Rasmussen, Roberta Carreri, Julia Varley, Torgeir Wethal and Kai Bredholt – Odin Teatret (Denmark), Anzu Furukawa (Japan), Abel Saavedra and Lily Curcio – Seres de Luz (Argentina), Toto Fabris (Italy), Antonio Lio (Spain), Nani and Leris Colombaioni (Italy), Sue Morrison (Canada) and Teatro Ridotto (Italy).

He directed the performances “Mais quero asno que me carregue que cavalo que me derrube” (1992),  “Donzela Guerreira” (2007) and “Jú…?” (2013).

He has participated in various National and International Festivals and has performed, administrated workshops and given technical demonstrations about LUME's work in numerous cities throughout Brazil including in the states of São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Minas Gerais, Rio Grande do Sul, Ceará, Bahia and the Federal District, as well as realising field research in the interior of São Paulo, Minas Gerais and Amazonas. Has worked abroad in Copenhagen, Stege and islands in Denmark, Quito (Ecuador), Marseille, Le Revest and Avignon (France), Cairo (Egypt), Tel Aviv, Caesaria and Haifa (Israel); Sucre, Yotala and Tarabuco (Bolivia), Bologna and Santa Ágata (Italy), Oslo (Norway), Blue Lake (USA),  Bussan (South Korea) and many other cities abroad.



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Actor's Master Class med Kirk Baltz

Vi starter det nye år med en master class med Kirk Baltz.

Den amerikanske skuespiller og underviser guider deltagerne mod stærke, definitive valg og levende præstationer.

29. januar - 3. februar 2017 i Odsherred.
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Complete Vocal Technique Workshop d. 7.-10. marts

Sangteknikken 'Complete Vocal Technique'  benyttes med succes af scenekunstnere på verdensplan. Teknikken er funderet i videnskabelige undersøgelser. Workshoppen fra d.7.-10. marts giver sangere, dansere og skuespillere mulighed for en indgående introduktion til Complete Vocal Techniques forskellige tekniske værktøjer, som umiddelbart herefter kan anvendes.

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