Marie-Louise Stentebjerg

Marie-Louise Stentebjerg is a choreographer, dancer and performer based in Denmark, but also working abroad. She graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance in 2005, and is currently following the 2 year program AUTEUR at The Danish Development Centre for Performing Arts as well as the Process Guidance Program by Christopher Hewitt/Live Art DK.
She is working with own artistic projects and as a freelance performer within the field of stage art and is one of the founding members of 3 independent collectives: RISK:RECLAIM:ENTERTAIN, a Danish based collective doing joint artistic projects and platforms (www.riskreclaimentertain.dk), Reverse Collective, a cross disciplinary group & Collectiv.at, Belgian based dance theatre group (2004-2007). Currently she is working on a new performance ‘Two-women-machine-show’ with the Danish dancer and performer Ida-Elisabeth Larsen. Parts of their collaboration has been shown at; ‘Back to Limbo’ at DANSEhallerne in Jan. and ‘Mass Hysteria’, which were developed at a 2 week residency at Bora Bora, at 68m2 Art Space in April. Two-women-machine-show is invited for a 1 month residency at Habitantes in Buenos Aires in October were the work will be continued. The final presentation of the performance is planned for Warehouse 9 in the Winter 2012. http://marielouisestentebjerg.wordpress.com




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