Sanja Mitrović

Sanja Mitrovic is theatre director and performer born in Yugoslavia, based in Amsterdam. She is a founder and artistic director of Stand Up Tall Productions (2009). In 2010 Mitrovic was awarded the prestigious Dutch BNG Nieuwe Theatermakers Prijs for the best young director for her production “Will You Ever Be Happy Again?” which is touring Europe to critical acclaim since 2008 (selected among five best performances of the 2009/10 season by magazine TIN). Mitrović is interested in the notion of documentary in theatre and its relation to the social, political and cultural realities of our times. Her performances are structured around the idea of montage combining theatre, performance, dance and visual arts. As documentary material she often uses personal stories and testimonies which she contrasts with official historical accounts. The form resulting from such a combination she terms a “docu-tale”. Permeated with subtle humour and sharp analysis, her works are marked by an urgency to explore the influence of the collective processes as well as important political and social issues on the private lives.




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