Heidi Mortensen

Heidi Mortenson grew up listening to the metallic sounds of her dad fixing cars in the garage and her mum playing the organ. Her first audio modulations began on a small cassette player, La Bamba was a favorite. As a teenager Heidi moved to Barcelona and grew up in the Spanish ghetto. In Barcelona Mortenson began experimenting with recording herself singing inside a washing machine, rebuilding a telephone receiver into a microphone, hooking up with a walkie-talkie system and payed the rent from DJ gigs. After playing her very first concert Heidi was selected Resident Artist 2002-03 at the experimental LEM Festival in Graçia. She then packed her bags and went on a European tour with visual artist SOLU, with whom she later performed the Opening Act of Transmediale Festival 2004 in Berlin. Entitled as a OneWomanBand Heidi then moved to Berlin. Here she iniciated a series of events called Wired Nights which idealy were a playground for her and her music friends, a place to improvise and try new ideas. The performances were often described as fun, chaotic and unpredictable. The Wired Nights turned into the record label Wired Records founded by Heidi in 2005 when she was to release her debut album with money she had received from a fund.
Heidi makes colorful and textured songs with a nerdy and dazed approach; her sound grows from playful experiments and inventive production. Add emotional drive, a mentalist flavor and soul of old cartoon. Heidi has toured Canada and the US east and west coast with two album releases.
Mortenson is also working as a producer for other bands and can on rare ocasions be seen playing with her bearded band The Uncontrollables.





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