Simon Birgisson

Simon Birgisson is an independed theatre artist. This year he has written and directed two radio pieces for the Icelandic national Radio - God bless Iceland a radioplay by Simon Birgisson and Malte Scholz, where the financial crisis in Iceland is explored. And Blessed be the memory of the night, where modern music and poetical text by a young icelandic autor, Ragnar Isleifur Bragason, is compined. Gratuating from the Icelandic University of the Arts in Theatre and practice, Simon has worked in different areas of theatre - performing himself in Breaking News, by Rimini Protokoll - working as a stage designer, dramaturg and musician with the Icelandic regisseur Thorleifur Arnarsson, in 4.48 Psychosis in Baadische Staattheater Karlsruhe and A Clockwork Orange in Meklenburgische Staattheater, and now Endless Unhappiness in the Reykjavik Stadttheater. Simon also works as a playwright, his last play Vinir (Friends) was performed in the Icelandic National Theatre as part of Reykjavik Culture Night 2008. Simon also works as a free lance journalist having been Staff Editor for DV Newspaper in Iceland as well as a TV reporter for NFS on Channel 2 news station.




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