Willmar Sauter

Willmar Sauter, Professor of Theatre Studies at Stockholm University,
has studied reception processes, published in /Teaterögon /(1986) and
/Braaavo! /(1987). He has also written on Swedish theatre history, from
Bronze Age rock carvings and Medieval documents to the 17th century
performance of Messenius’ /Disa /(1989), Strindberg’s Intimate Theatre,
as well as theatre and politics in the late 1930s, the latter published
in /Theater als Widerstand/ (1979). His interest in the theories of the
theatrical event is documented in his books on performance analysis,
/Understanding Theatre /(1995, with Jacqueline Martin), in /The
Theatrical Event /(2000) and summarized in /Eventness /(2006). In
addition, he has edited a number of books and journals.
Willmar Sauter elected as President of the International Federation for
Theatre Research (IFTR/FIRT) from 1991 to 1995 and between 1996 and 2002
he has been the Dean of the Faculty of the Humanities at Stockholm
University. He is currently serving as chair of the Research School in
Aesthetics and as head of the department of Theatre ans Dance Studies at
the same university.




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