Hans-Thies Lehmann

Hans-Thies Lehmann originates from a theoretical tradition that merges the French post-structuralism and the materialist theories of literature and performing arts. In the eighties, his book Contributions to the Materialist Theory of Literature was published, along with numerous contributions about the authors like Georges Bataille, Georg Büchner and Heiner Müller. From the year 1988, he is a professor of theatrical sciences at the Frankfurt on Main Goethe University, and in the last years a chairman of the Institute for theatrical, media and film studies at this university. As a senior lecturer, he played an important role in restoring the study of experimental theatrical science at the University of Giessen. His area of research are the drama and theatre creators, among them he pays special attention to Bertolt Brecht, Heiner Müller and Robert Wilson, he is also exploring the antique theatre. He has published several books, among others Theatre and Myth (1991), Postdramatic Theatre (1999) and Political Writing (2001).




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