Tidligere kursus 2008

Body, Dynamics and Relationships

- i samarbejde med Danseværket og Dansens Hus

Det første kursustilbud i foråret 2008 ledes af Michael Platt, koreograf, underviser og instruktør i Suffolk, England. Der er tale om et weekendkursus i Århus for professionelle dansere og dansepædagoger. Målet er

  • at skabe spændende koreografier, som er velegnede til børn og unge
  • at lære forskellige strategier for undervisningen
  • at skabe engagement og effektiv indlæring hos de unge


Michael Platt beskriver kurset således:

“A practical dance workshop weekend in which participants will explore imaginative ways of developing creative dance ideas from an initial theme. Using Laban’s Movement Analysis we will examine ways in which an overall theme can be interpreted through aspects of the Body, Space, Dynamics and Relationships to ensure a rich and varied movement experience. Participants will experience a variety of movement activities, games and creative tasks which will be used to build exciting choreographies appropriate to children and young people.

We will also explore a range of teaching strategies to promote engagement and effective learning when developing creative dance ideas with young people” 


Underviser: Michael Platt

Michael Platt is the Advisory Teacher for Dance for Suffolk County Council, providing creative learning opportunities for young people through the arts, training for teachers and the development of resources to support the dance curriculum.

Over several years Michael has enjoyed a rich relationship with DanceEast, the National Dance Agency for the Eastern Region, choreographing large-scale site-specific community dance performances in a variety of venues across Suffolk. He recently co-directed and choreographed a dance film, ‘Soil Dances’, with acclaimed film maker Peter Anderson, involving 150 young people from local schools and filmed entirely on location in farms and factories across the county of Suffolk.

Michael also works in education and community settings nationally and internationally as a teacher and choreographer.

Michael is the director of Suffolk Youth Theatre, one of the regions most innovative youth groups, with whom he has developed a unique performance style fusing drama, dance, music and design.

Michael is a tutor for the Laban Guild and the regional representative for the National Dance Teachers Association. He is the External Moderator for the Royal Academy of Dance post graduate teacher training course.




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