Tidligere kursus 2007

The Double View

- A Nordic Symposium on Postdramatic Theatre and Practice Academic Performance

The Double view
- leading Nordic and European performing artists and academics will discuss, present and examine new ways forward, in relation to Postdramatic theatre and the academic ways of working with practical research.

The Double view - focuses on the most recent concept formation and working methods in the field of contemporary theatre.

Daniel Wetzel the German director and member of RIMINI PROTOKOLL, will make an audio-visual lecture about Riminis work followed up with a talk led by Solveig Gade PhD student at University of Copenhagen and Jens Christian Lauenstein Led PhD student at University of Aarhus.

Hans-Thies Lehmann (Professor at University of Frankfurt) - the man who developed the term Postdramatic Theatre - will give an introduction to his thoughts about the radical turn in the focus of modern performances.

Other keynote speakers will be Willmar Sauter (Professor at University of Stockholm), who is specialised in Performance Analysis and Bent Holm (associate professor at University of Copenhagen) who has a long professional experience as dramaturge. They will both present lectures deeply rooted in theatrical events.

Das Beckwerk will give a guided tour to the exhibition The Return of Democracy and both he and Vera Maeder (DK/DE) from Udflugt - test-pilots of stage art will join the discussion. 


The Symposium is a collaboration with Föreningen Nordiska Teaterforskare and  Bent Holm and Michael Eigtved from Teatervidenskab, University of Copenhagen

If you have any questions to the application form which is in Danish please contact Miriam Frandsen on phone: +45 32 83 61 18 or mail: mfr@teaterskolen.dk





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