Tidligere kursus 2007

Metoden for handlende analyse

Translating play to the production

The workshop will expose Action Analysis of the play – the tool of translation of the play to the work of stage art. The ideas of Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, and modern Russian directors’ school will be revealed.
The program includes historical overview of Stanislavsky System together with discussion of its modern development and misinterpreting in the Western theater.
Practical sessions on Seagull by Chehov, Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, General Inspector by Gogol.

The workshop is designed to give an insight into St.Petersburg school of acting and directing. Future actors and directors are trained here at St.Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (founded in 1779), which had its first directors classes led by Vsevolod Meyerhold in 1918. Then, from the late thirties of XX c., mainly the Stanislavsky’s disciples were teaching acting and directing here. Thus being based on the heritage of two geniuses directors and teachers, highly enriched by the modern methodological achievements the school of directing of the St.Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy has a specific position in Russian theatre. Three leading directing professors of the 1960s-1990s – Georgy Tovstonogov, Mar Sulimov, Alexander Muzil, – together with their colleagues, mould the most vivid features of St.Petersburg directors school – clear action analysis of the playwriting, subtle knowledge of actors psychology, perception of the theatre as a space for rising the most essential questions, not only an entertainment.

Nowadays the graduates of the Directors Department of the Academy (since 1990 leaded by Lev Dodin, alumnus of the Academy and Artistic Director of the world renowned St.Petersburg Maly Theater) gained their success as the artistic directors of the leading Russian theatres as well as abroad. Prof. of Acting and Directing Sergei Tcherkasski, well known for his directing and teaching in Russia, UK, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Romania, Italy, Korea etc., is one of them.


Theatre Director & Professor of Acting and Directing, Ph.D.
Sergei TCHERKASSKI has an MFA as a Director (Honour Diploma, 1985) from the Leningrad Institute of Theatre and Cinematography (now St.Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy). He has directed many classical and modern Russian plays (Dostoevsky, Ostrovsky, Griboyedov, Erdman) as well as Shakespeare, Shaw, etc. –in Russia and all over the world. He has been Artistic Director of the Pushkin Drama Theatre, Director of the Litejni in St.Petersburg; and Mossoviet Academic Theatre in Moscow. ST has lectured and led his Modern Stanislavski Workshops in more than fifteen leading theatre schools of the world.




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