Tidligere kursus 2016


FICTION | REALITY is a 4 day gathering of international thinkers, professional artists and art students taking place at Dansehallerne 5-8 October 2016 curated by Anders Paulin in collaboration with Sara Gebran.

The conference addresses the current conditions for reflection and aesthetic transcendence in an institutional context. Through discussions, lectures and performances the meeting will focus on the interaction of aesthetics and reality in two aspects of artistic work: Aesthetics as Practice and Aesthetics as Organisation.

FICTION | REALITY accommodate a structure for the team of invited artists and theorists to try out and elaborate new thoughts and material, and then share and develop this in conver­sation sessions with a larger group of practitioners and students.

Each day will end with a public panel discussion and elaborations of the topics addressed that day. The discussions will follow two trajectories: Practice and Organisa­tion

Invited participants: Bojana Cvejic, Benjamin Noys, Sergej Pristas, Paula Caspao, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Mette Edvardsen, Frederic Gies, Katya Sander, Efva Lilja and Johan Forsman

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OPENING PERFORMANCE AND RECEPTION: The conference starts with a reception Tuesday October 5th at 19.00 and the performance Three White Soldiers/Rock this world created and performed by Anders Paulin and Johan Forsman.

There are a limited amount of tickets avaiable for the performances shown at the conference. We recommend that you book your tickets at Dansehallerne (released September 22)

The final program will be published September 22.

The conference is a co-production between The Danish School of Performing Arts, Dansehallerne,The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Anders Paulin and Sara Gebran.
Supported by Nordisk Kulturfond and Statens Kunstfond.




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