Tidligere kursus 2017

Enrique Vargas & Teatro de los Sentidos #3 - SENSORIAL THEATER AND DRAMATURGY

Facilitators: Artistic Director Enrique Vargas and company members Arianna Marano & Eva Pérez

Photo: Francisco Javier García 
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This 3rd workshop of the cycle aims at exploring the basic elements to develop a dramaturgy for a sensorial immersive experience in the landmark style of the company.

Registration requires participating in at least one of the 2 workshops offered by the company along the season at Odsherred. In exceptional cases, participation in previous workshops by the company or relevant studies/experience in immersive/sensorial theatre will be considered to apply directly for this 3rd level.

The work will start focusing on the poetics of curiosity and expectation. Later on, will dive in the relationship between body and space. And, eventually explore what a dramaturgical structure means in the context of sensorial theatre. Concepts like “framework” and “imaginary” and the itinerary from expectation to resolution and ultimately culmination will articulate the process.

What is the difference between “archetype” and “stereotype”. How can we use the former in the context of body memory?

How can we evoke without imposing?

How can we, as performers, be in control of an experience, yet avoiding the “presence” of an actor who commands the stage to make the audience the real centre of the piece?

What is the difference between information and experience?

How can we create the conditions for a poetic experience which goes beyond aesthetics to facilitate an inner transformation?

The methodology will be mainly practical. The participants will create individual and group sensorial experiences indoors and outdoors for each other and evaluate them jointly the instructors.

In this process, a series of experiences will be selected and further developed.

During the last day, the lab will open doors to a selected small audience who will experience the pieces and will also be invited to a final talk to assess the outcome in terms of goals, structure and impact. 

Course facilitators


In 1946, at the age of six, he entered the world of theatre by inventing games in the Andean landscape of his Colombian hometown. He used to invite neighbours and friends to play with him, and hide from grownups in the intricate coffee plantations, where they created fantastic stories full of surprise and imagery.

As an adult, he set himself to retrieve the spirit of those forbidden games and to develop a poetic of the senses that would endow them with meaning. This research took him to the National Drama School in Bogota and to Michigan where he studied theatre anthropology. In USA, he set up street performances in Commedia dell’Arte style as part of Harlem’s festivities with New York’s La Mamma theatre, and worked on Poetics of the Object with Peter Schuman from Bread and Puppet.

After that, he spent 20 years researching games, myths and rituals from the Colombian Amazonic region, and teaching Dramatic Art of the Sensory Image at Colombia’s National University. This research inspired the foundation of Teatro de los Sentidos and it's first trademark labyrinth production Ariadna's Thread, which soon launched the company into Europe where many of the current members of the company joined in.

Now Enrique lives in Barcelona, where he continues to be the Artistic Director of the Company and of "Caixa d’Eines", the headquarters in Spain of the School of the Senses. A box of research and creative tools in the "Polvorí",(an old gunpowder factory in Barcelona) without any expectations of finding an answer.

Because for him questions are more than enough.



It's an international group of artists-researchers based in Barcelona with 20 years of experience under the artistic direction of the company’s founder, Colombian anthropologist and dramaturge Enrique Vargas. Hand in hand, they create "games" to research the poetics of the senses.

They have developed a methodology which connects the sensorial languages, the poetics of games and theatrical creation. They build experiences which blur the line between audience and actors in traditional theater schemes to foster an interactive and creative participation of the audience in which they can explore labyrinthine spaces which, in the end, become an extension of their own psyche.

Teatro de los Sentidos has toured with its productions to most of the main art festivals in Europe and America as well as Asia and Oceania. In Denmark it has presented the productions The Echo of the Shadow (2005), City Puzzle (2009), Orakler (2012) and Heart of Darkness (2014) at REPUBLIQUE and Metropolis Festival.

Fundamentally a research-based group, the company has developed an extensive educational program through their School of the Senses, with an on-going program in Barcelona and Pistoia (Italy) including a Postgraduate course and a Master's Degree in Poetics of Play with the University of Girona (Spain).

Click here to learn more about Teatro de los Sentidos and the facilitators.


Other Enrique Vargas-workshops

Facilitators: Company members Patrizia Menichelli & Eva Pérez 
Dates: Dec. 5th-8th 2016 
 Company members Betina Birkjær & Gabriella Salvaterra
Dates: March 23.-26th 2017 
PLEASE NOTE, that the three workshops constitute an integrative body of work. Hence, participation in at least one of the first workshops is mandatory in order to take part in the final workshop.







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