Tidligere kursus 2017

Enrique Vargas & Teatro de los Sentidos #2 - POETICS OF SPACE

Facilitators: Company members Betina Birkjær & Gabriella Salvaterra

Photo: Francisco Javier García
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This is the second workshop conducted by Teatro de los Sentidos in a series of three, which will culminate in a dramaturgical sensorial construction at the end of the season. 

Design and intervention in spaces are fundamental aspects of the 20-year research of Teatro de los Sentidos. The group has made a landmark of its dreamy, oneiric spaces full of symbolism and evocative elements.  

Course description

This workshop is a process of acknowledging the space as a second skin, as a living organism. Taking the human body as the starting point, it will explore the art of designing and building spaces. Spaces, which can be “inhabited” by performers in a symbiotic relationship – receiving audience members with games as the key element of the dynamic. Spaces designed as devices for "listening" to its visitors rather than narrative instruments. Spaces for immersive experience, not for aesthetic or intellectual information.

When does a space become alive?

What is an "imaginary"? How is it different from a set-design?

How does the "imaginary"-"inhabiting" relationship work?

How can we integrate all our senses in the design?

How does a space change the perception of our body?

How can we signify an object?

Where is the memory of a space?

These are some of the questions that will animate the research. The workshop consists of practical individual and group exercises aimed at widening awareness on space in relation to the human body – as well as the different experiences, memories and feelings that this relationship can trigger.

Course facilitators


Italian artist based in Barcelona since 2003 with an extensive career as a set designer and creator of sensorial spaces and installations. Originally trained as an actress and dancer, she shifted her education towards the visual arts, joining Teatro de los Sentidos in 1999.


Betina Birkjær works as a performer, writer and installationartist as well as a teacher. Betina is trained from Cantabile 2 School of Stage Arts and she has given workshops in the sensoric theatre language since 2008 focusing on memory and visuality.

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Other Enrique Vargas-workshops

Facilitators: Company members Patrizia Menichelli & Eva Pérez 
Dates: Dec. 5th-8th 2016 
Facilitators: Artistic Director Enrique Vargas and company members Arianna Marano & Eva Pérez 
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PLEASE NOTE, that the three workshops constitute an integrative body of work. Hence, participation in at least one of the first workshops is mandatory in order to take part in the final workshop.











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