Tidligere kursus 2016

Enrique Vargas & Teatro de los Sentidos #1 - INHABITING A SPACE

Facilitators: Company members Patrizia Menichelli & Eva Pérez

Photo: Francisco Javier García 

How does the actor work with the "imaginary" in sensorial theater? What does it mean to inhabit that dimension? 

This is the first workshop conducted by Teatro de los Sentidos in a series of three, which will culminate in a dramaturgical sensorial construction at the end of the season. 

It aims at exploring an itinerary of the body inhabiting its poetics spaces, and at working on the imagery and symbolism of shelters (a hut, a nest, a hideout) and the poetic experience of inhabiting.

Course description 

The 3-day workshop is composed of physical exercises and games of perception. 

Using poetic games, the activation of an "imaginary", and the awakening of the senses and the individual collective resonances, we will understand where we are exactly. Hence, our awareness about the potential of intimate spaces will be expanded. 

The participants will explore the feeling of the body in different positions and in resonance to different materials. They will learn how to render meaning to small spaces and to work on the imaginary of that intimate dimension: From the body into the space. 

“Inhabiting a space” 

In the theatrical language of Teatro de los Sentidos, the actors begin their work by building a "bridge" towards an imaginary space that they will gradually "inhabit". 

Inhabiting a space, as opposed to “acting”, means that the actor is not presenting a character or a story, but rather allowing the audience member or "traveler" to fully enter with their body and mind into an "imaginary". A space, which triggers a series of personal and cultural associations through sensorial immersion. 

Rather than seeking a commanding "presence", as one generally does on stage, an "inhabitant" seeks to become a shadow, a guide, a facilitator for the "travelers” in a personal journey with their own memories and feelings. 

This research seeks to stimulate imagination and memory. The "inhabitant" becomes then a fragment of the dream, which they themselves animate. 

In the G. Bachelard's classic "Poetics of Space", the quality of inhabiting is linked to the memory of the space, the dreams it evokes and its symbolism. The second workshop explores this theme in depth.

Course facilitators


Patrizia Menichelli is an Italian designer, performer, director and also the Artistic Coordinator of the School of the Senses.


In 2002, Eva Pérez joined Teatro de los Sentidos as a co-creator and inhabitant of their installation-performances, as well as an instructor of the company’s educational platform including a Master’s degree in collaboration with the University of Girona.

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Upcoming Enrique Vargas-workshops

 Company members Betina Birkjær & Gabriella Salvaterra
Dates: March 2nd-5th 2017

 Artistic Director Enrique Vargas and company members Arianna Marano & Eva Pérez
Dates: May 29th- June 2nd 2017

PLEASE NOTE, that the three workshops constitute an integrative body of work. Hence, participation in at least one of the first workshops is mandatory in order to take part in the final workshop.

CO-PARTNERS: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Schools of Visual Art


SUPPORTED BY: The Ministry of Culture Denmark





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