Tidligere kursus 2016


We are so happy and proud to collaborate with internationally acclaimed director Enrique Vargas and his theatre group Teatro de los Sentidos. We will thus be offering a series of 3 interconnected, complementary workshops along the 2016/17 season.

The first 2 workshops tackle some of the main tools of the sensorial theater research of the company in two big blocks: body and space. The third one will be guided by Vargas himself and will allow the participants to validate the tools from the two previous workshops -putting them at play in a dramaturgical construction to be shared with an invited audience during the last session.

The main goal of the three modules is to provide an insight into how to develop a full immersive, sensorial experience based on the tools the company has created over 20 years. It approaches the use of body and space in order to develop a poetic experience that transforms those go through it, awakening their body memory. The workshops offer a journey which explores the origin of games as a powerful transformational tool in the adult world. This enables access to spaces of knowledge and awareness beyond words and rational thinking.

The combination of these three modules is especially relevant for any performing artist, fine arts or visual arts creator who wants to acquire or expand their tools to become self-sufficient into shaping their research into an immersive piece.

The three workshops constitute an integrative body of work. Hence, participation in one or two of the first work shops is mandatory in order to take part in the final dramaturgical workshop.

We strongly encourage participation in all three work shop modules for full immersion in the work and development of the group dynamics. 

In exceptional cases, participation in previous workshops by the company or relevant studies/experience in immersive/sensorial theatre will be considered to apply directly for the 3rd level. 

When selecting the workshops participants, applicants who participate in all three workshops will have first priority.

company members Patrizia Menichelli & Eva Pérez
Dates: Dec. 5th-8th 2016 (please go to this link for application: http://www.scenekunstskolen-efteruddannelsen.dk/kurser.php?kursus_id=385)

company members Betina Birkjær & Gabriella Salvaterra
Dates: March 23-26, 2017 (will open for application January 17)

Artistic Director Enrique Vargas and company members Arianna Marano & Eva Pérez
Dates: May 29th.-June 2nd 2017 (will open for application January 17)

Teatro de los Sentidos is a stable group of artists-researchers from various  fields of knowledge who have been working with anthropologist and Artistic Director Enrique Vargas for 20 years. Together, they explore the poetics of the senses and research the relationship between sensorial languages and theatrical creation and other professional fields.

The company has its headquarters at in Barcelona since 2004 but has toured to the main arts festivals in Europe, America and even Asia or Oceania.

One of the first groups to experiment with immersive sensorial theater in the world, they have developed landmark performances in the field like Oracles, Arianna's Thread, or The Memory of the Wine. Their oneiric characteristic site-specific spaces, which combine large hand-crafted installations with an intimate relationship with the audience, are based on the use of play as a powerful transformational tool. Either in their one-on-one labyrinth shaped performances or experiences for groups, they work with body memory and archetypes, always seeking to create the conditions for a poetic transformation.

The Company has an educational platform with year-round workshops being taught in Barcelona and Italy as well as the Master's Degree Dramaturgy of the Senses and Poetics of Meaningful Coincidence in collaboration with the Universiy of Girona (Spain).

In Denmark they have presented The Echo of the Shadow (2005), City Puzzle (2009), Orakler (2012) and Heart of Darkness (2014)

Main awards:

  • Recognition to Enrique Vargas by Ministerio de Cultura de Colombia (2013)
  • Best Year's Play 2008. Pitssburgh Press. Pittsburgh, USA.
  • TZ Rosen Public and critics award. Munich. Germany (2008)
  • Honor Award, Festival Internacional de Teatro de Valladolid. Spain (2006)
  • MAX Award to new tendencies. Spain (2005)
  • Public and critics award. Munich. Germany (2005)
  • Sebastiá Gasch Award. Spain (2004)




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Actor's Master Class med Kirk Baltz

Vi starter det nye år med en master class med Kirk Baltz.

Den amerikanske skuespiller og underviser guider deltagerne mod stærke, definitive valg og levende præstationer.

29. januar - 3. februar 2017 i Odsherred.
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Complete Vocal Technique Workshop d. 7.-10. marts

Sangteknikken 'Complete Vocal Technique'  benyttes med succes af scenekunstnere på verdensplan. Teknikken er funderet i videnskabelige undersøgelser. Workshoppen fra d.7.-10. marts giver sangere, dansere og skuespillere mulighed for en indgående introduktion til Complete Vocal Techniques forskellige tekniske værktøjer, som umiddelbart herefter kan anvendes.

For mere information og tilmelding klik her.