Tidligere kursus 2016

How do we talk about art, when we talk about art?

Debate in connection with Cph Stage

June 8. 13.00-15.00, Folketeatret

How is our vocabulary when we talk about theatre and performance? The dialogue in the media, when professionals share opinions, or just when we ‘gossip’? Is the dialogue well developed, brave, sharp and to the point?

Is it constructive for the creative artists behind and in the productions? Can we talk about theatre/performance art today and learn from it? Or do we tend to judge and evaluate based on not-so-nuanced adjectives and vocabulary? Do we have an open dialogue about art?

What do you think?
Come and dare to be critical in a constructive way towards the theatre, performance art as such. And especially come and be part of perhaps developing the language we share when we talk about art.

To inspire and lead the debate Den Danske Scenekunstskole Efter og videreuddannelse have invited two leading figures at the Nordic Stage - Rickard Borgström – curator at IMIR in Norway and Hanna Nyman from Finland and Managing director og the festival Baltic Circle.



Rickard Borgström lives and works between Berlin, Malmö and Stamsund.
He is a curator educated in Bergen Art Academy and has also studied at the Swedish University College for Film and Theatre and at Stockholm University.

Borgström works in the intersection between dance, theatre and visual arts. He has curated the theatre festival STAMSUND (NO) as well as the programing venue INKONST in Malmö (SE), and has run workshop series EXPANDING MATTER and I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE CONDITIONS THAT PRODUCED A SITUATION THAT DEMANDED A SONG LIKE THAT around choreographical work.

He is now one of three curators at IMIR in Stavanger - Norway.

Hanna Nyman holds a M.Econ & BA Cultural Management. Hanna Nyman has been involved with Baltic Circle since 2009, in current position from 2015. Hanna has strong experience in performing arts and festivals: she has worked with Helsinki Festival, Tero Saarinen Company and Dance House Finland, to name a few. Currently she has special interest on public space and interaction between different art disciplines. Before entering the art world, Hanna studied at Helsinki School of Economics and worked mainly as journalist in local and national newspapers in Finland.

She is now Managing Director of Baltic Circle Festival in Helsinki, Finland.

Welcome to the talk. Registration is not necessary.




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