Tidligere kursus 2006


Klein Teknik med Susan Klein 

- i samarbejde med Skolen for Moderne Dans.

Klein Technique is a process through which the body is analyzed and understood a body-felt level. It is intellectual in that it uses anatomic realities. It strives for understanding, but the consciousness it strives for is tat of an internal knowing, an understanding that is in the body, that becomes integrated into the body to improve functioning, to further movement potential.

It is a technique or movement education and re-education tat is the underpinning for all movement styles, techniques, improvisations and athletics. It is a technique that honors the individual, that works at the deepest level of each individual, the bone. We work at the level of the bone to learn to move from our deepest tissue, to connect the body itself at its core and then move outward to connect the body first to the ground an then to t the space.

In Klein technique we work to come to that point where we know how our bodies function in stillness and in motion, not to the point that we think e know or we know because we have learned through imitation of others.




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