Tidligere kursus 2016

Theatre with Performing Objects, Agns Limbos (BE)

Join us to explore a Theatre with Performing Objects with Agnès Limbos (BE)

The concept "Theatre with Performing Objects" appeared 20 years ago. Naturally, this form of contemporary poetic theatre has ancestors: we can go back to the origins of film editing, to Duchamp, Surrealists, new Realists etc.

The manufactured obect has taken such a central place in our everyday life behaviour, it seemed normal that it went on stage as well.

Agnès Limbos propose an "exploratory" laboratory to develop particular universes coming out of the presence of both the actor and the object. Through warming ups, improvisations and personal works, the workshop will be a way to continue the movement into the material, to learn and perceive what the material tells us: understanding the signs while looking for ratio of power and complicity which can be established between the living and the inanimated. The object will be approached through its singular poetic: metaphorical object, symbolic object, suggestive object etc.

About Agnès Limbos

Agnès Limbos is an actress and the artistic director of Company Gare Centrale (Brussels).




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