Tidligere kursus 2016

Dance as a powerful vehicle - workshop with Suzie West

The workshop

This two day workshop will unpack the many educational formats that dance can take in the schools curriculum and give case study examples. You have a chance to explore delivery models practically and design your own courses or projects using the various methodologies.

The course will discuss how dance can be used as a powerful vehicle for other curriculum topics and greater school development plans.

Suzie West's research in innovative delivery of dance through partnership projects and pedagogy will provide a starting point to build your own aspirational dance projects that will advocate the importance of dance in schools and give the young dancers an exciting learning experience.

About Suzie West

Suzie West trained in Dance & Theatre at Roehampton University and has continued to dance, create and perform contemporary dance and physical theatre throughout her qualifications and time in education. Suzie is a dedicated researcher and ‘meddler’ in the placement of dance in education, for both teachers and the students. SpinDrift Dance Collective has evolved out of her passion to keep teachers and students well connected to current contemporary practice. With eleven years of teaching in a secondary school environments and performing for companies and choreographers across the UK, Suzie epitomizes her ethos.

As well as directing SpinDrift, she is employed at a number of schools as a dance and drama specialist, consulting for primaries, GCSE dance and A-level. Suzie is local to the South West and has a vested interest in local stories, beauty spots and people when making work, She specialises in site specific performance, large community performance and creative partnership.

Suzie is a wild, animated and energetic performer, often testing her own physical capabilities with whirling release work, low flying and acrobatic character for Rogue Theatre, Attik Dance, Promnesia, and Chhaya Collective.

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