Tidligere kursus 2016

Radio drama workshop at DR

- a three day exploration of the art and craft of making story led audio drama.

The purpose of the workshop is to write, record, edit and post-produce a series of short story led audio dramas.

The workshop will be led by Richard Shannon.

In collaboration with DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation).

Day 1: Preparation Day
Richard will play a range of clips from audio dramas that illustrate the dramatic possibilities of audio. Close attention will be paid to the construction of strong story lines for short dramas.

Richard will run a class in the recording studio designed to give participants an overview of how to act and direct for the microphone, the use of spot effects and costume.

He will then set a number of writing exercises designed to stimulate ideas. Richard will also distribute examples of British radio play scripts.

The participants will be divided into production groups and will be invited to discuss themes and ideas for a five minute audio drama.

The groups will end the day having written a complete first draft of the play they will record on day 2. The drafts will include details of what sound effects both live and recorded that will be needed. The groups will also have to consider the use of music and ensure that they have the music they need for the post-production day (day 3).

Day 2: Recording Day
The groups will rehearse and then record their audio dramas.
Once each drama is recorded the groups will spend the rest of the day editing the material.

Day 3: Post-production Day
The groups will spend the day in edit booths, refining the edit and then mixing in sound backgrounds and music.

At 4pm, all the audio dramas will be played back and discussed. Audio files of the finished work will be sent to all the participants.

About Richard Shannon

Richard Shannon is a playwright, director and lecturer, working mainly in theatre and radio. He teaches radio drama and documentary at Goldsmiths, University of London. Richard was also one of the founding directors of Independent Radio Drama Productions.

His directing credits include: Saddam’s Arms by Simon Beaufoy starring Nerys Hughes, No Boy’s Cricket Club by Roy Williams starring Donna Croll and The Hound of the Baskervilles starring Edward Petherbridge as Sherlock Holmes for National Public Radio (USA). He also directed The Wolf and the Woodcutter by Martin Mcdonagh, starring Peter Guinness. In 2005 he directed Chuwudubelu, Preserved of God by Justin Butcher starring Ben Okafor, for BBC Radio 4.



About Mette Kruse, Producer from DR

Mette Kruse graduated in dramaturgy from Aarhus University with Film and Media Studies from the University of Copenhagen as subsidiary subject. 1 year of Theater Studies at the Sorbonne, Paris.Thesis on interactive dramaturgy. Psychology (Continuing education) from the University of Copenhagen. Employed as producer and dramaturge in the DR since 2008. Worked as a dramaturge and producer for film / television and theater industry for 16 years. Additionally, worked as a subject specialist for stage production program at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, and as artistic director of Teater Grob.







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