Tidligere kursus 2014

The Democracy Movements and the Power of the Performative - lecture by Isabell Lorey

The lecture is a collaboration with the internationale performancefestival "WORKS AT WORK: solo works", November 19.-22. at Dansehallerne, www.worksatwork.dk

The lecture is part of the teaching in the Center for directing & design at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Students will be participating.

Isabell Lorey

Isabell Lorey is a political theorist at the European Institute for Progressive Cultural Policies. She has been a visiting professor for political theory at several Universities: at the Zentrum Gender Studies at the University of Basel (2012-2014), at the Humboldt University Berlin (2010 and 2011) and the Vienna University (2009 and 2010). From
2001-2007 Lorey held an associate professorship for Gender & Postcolonial Studies at the University of the Arts Berlin. Publications on precarization of labor and life in neoliberalism, social movements a.o. Euromayday-movement and the occupation and democracy-movements since 2011, critical theory of democracy and representation, biopolitical governmentality and political immunization. Her next publication will be State of Insecurity. Government of the Precarious, London: Verso 2015.




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