Tidligere kursus 2014

Trust the people, but also trust yourself - lecture with Andreas Liebmann

Andreas Liebmann focuses in his lecture on his experiences with street talks with random passers-by. His performances often start with a simple communicative setting on the street. After having had dozens of meetings, he transforms the outcome into a performance in the theatre. This „second“ performances use the material that people gave him, but he insist in his freedom (but also duty) as an artist to add his own voice. He uses documentary strategies but makes no documentary theatre. His position tries rather to be an echo of experiences than to document "real life“. Recently he was performing his performance TRUST, in cooperation with S/H. A performance about the peoples life with money. Next January, a new project of him will be premiered at S/H, a cooperation with the Copenhagen based artists Dorte Holbek and Derek Lesher.

The lecture is part of the teaching in the Center for directing & design at the Danish National School of Performing Arts. Students will be participating.


Andreas Liebmann (Author, Performer, Stage Director):

Andreas Liebmann studied at the Theatre Academy in Zurich and has been acting and
directing for several municipal theaters in Switzerland and Germany as well as creating and performing his own
solo work internationally. His dramatic writing has been widely published and staged.
In his work Liebmann fuses influences from science and personal research as well as
political theory. Lately he has focused on issues of wealth and loss in European





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