Tidligere kursus 2014

Guns & Horses - Performance, Art and Presence

- a seminar with Rose English and Keren Cytter

December 5th from 11.30 to 21.30

Performance, Art & Presence are the key words in the collaboration between KUNSTHAL CHARLOTTENBORG and THE DANISH NATIONAL SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS - CONTINUING EDUCATION, which is taking place over the next three years and funded by the Danish Ministry of Culture.

This year we are very proud to present both a seminar, two exhibitions and a workshop for both students from THE ROYAL DANISH ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS’ SCHOOLS OF VISUAL ART and THE DANISH NATIONAL SCHOOL OF PERFORMING ARTS and professional stage artists.

Both Rose English and Keren Cytter work within different artistic disciplines and cut across established artistic categories.

Get introduced to Rose English & Keren Cytter’s work through artist talks and the exhibitions followed by a panel discussion with both artists moderated by Sanne Kofod and Monna Dithmer. Finally, we will end the day in Cinemateket with a screening of The Gold Diggers by Rose English and Sally Potter – before the screening Rose English will be in conversation with Stine Hebert.


About the artists:

Rose English’ practice emerged in the feminist and performance art scenes in 1970s London. She explores metaphysical issues and discusses themes such as identity, gender politics, and the role of the artist. English operates in a field where many different art forms intersect, appearing in contexts and disguises that combine performance and installation art, theatre, dance, and film. She acts as hostess, entertainer, and philosopher in her performances, thereby transforming the stage into a space for thought and reflection.

Keren Cytter is a prolific storyteller. She works mainly with video and film and has made more than 65 scripts and films within the last decade. In 2008 she founded the dance and theatre company D.I.E. NOW (Dance International Europe Now) and in 2010 she co-founded APE – Art Projects Era, a foundation working from New York and Rotterdam with the aim to realize art projects outside of traditional institutional structures. 





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