Tidligere kursus 2014

Not Festival: THIRD CLASS CITIZEN and The Pop Up Queer's Shelter

Ivo Dimchev: Lili Handel

The Not Festival is a kaleidoscopic, ephemeral, erratic and nomadic artistic object. It embraces the ideas of global artistic collaboration and the cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, DIY attitudes. Thus, it is NOT a FESTIVAL.
In every edition a conceptual framework is offered to the participants and it is embedded in the title chosen for each occasion. This year’s Not Festival is entitled Third Class Citizen and the daily events will be presented under the name The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter (from 1 to 6). It will embrace the concept of otherness: the strange, the unconventional, the unaccountable, the unfamiliar.
Taking place since 2003, this will be its 6th episode and the 3rd time developed in Copenhagen. Involving classes, workshops, performances and conversations it will run from September 8th to 13th, 2014.

This year’s event is created in collaboration with the Dance and Continuing Education departments of the Danish National School of Performing Arts. It is also made possible through the generous support and contribution of all the artists involved. Participants include performers and artists from different cultural backgrounds who live and work in Copenhagen, as well as guest artists from abroad. Annie Sprinkler, Nicolas Dumit Esteves, Ivo Dimchev, Eleanor Bauer and Javier Murugarren are the international artists and choreographers participating as part of this year’s Not Festival. This year, the tour of the Performance Voyage 2014: SELF PORTRAIT, a Series of International Video Performances program created by Muu Gallery in Helsinki will also be included as part of the Not Festival’s activities. The works, as well as the artists, all have in common their interest in experimentation and the potential to stir and trigger dialogues and
conversations, which are concerns that run in tandem with the main focus of the Not Festival.


Classes and Workshops

  • 5 days Feldenkrais’ workshop exploring the dynamics of awareness and movement taught by Raz Ori (Raz is a faculty member of the New York’s Feldenkrais Training Program)
  • Open classes include technic classes taught by Judith Sanchez Ruiz (a dancer from the Sasha Waltz & Group and former dancer of Trisha Brown Company) and Jeremy Nelson.
  • workshop, taught by Javier Murugarren (Amsterdam based designer / choreographer) focused on the relationship between performance, textiles and noutfits.

More information about schedules and fee at www.laramalvacias.org

Performances, screenings and more

• The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter 1: Improv. Performance of Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Lucy Suggate and Jeremy nelson and Video screenings of Performance Voyage 2014: SELF PORTRAIT. Sept. 8th. At 19:00. Staten Scenekunstskolen. Free.
• The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter 2: Performances by Annie Sprinkler (Skyped Lecture Perf.) and Xiri Tara Noir & Sarah Armstrong. Sept. 9th. Time: 19:00 at Overgaden. Free.
• The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter 3: “Big Girls Do Big Things” by Eleanor Bauer September 10th. Time: 19:30 at Staten Scenekunstskolen.Ticket price: 125Dkk.
• The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter 4: “Lili Handel” by Ivo Dimchev September 11th. Time: 19:30 at Staten Scenekunstskolen.Ticket price: 125Dkk.
• The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter 5: “Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies” by Javier Murugarren. September 12th. Time: 19:30 at Staten Scenekunstskolen. Free
• The Pop Up Queer’s Shelter 6: Closing Night: masquerade / cross dressing party and pop up performances by Nicolas Dumit Estevez, Javier Murugarren and surprise artists. September 13th. Time: 19:30 at BYGN5 at PB43.Ticket price: 60Dkk.


The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Overgaden and BYGN5 at PB43.

Contact us at notfestival@gmail.com. More info at www.laramalvacias.org and Facebook.




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