Tidligere kursus 2014

DRAMATURGE SALON - The role of the dramaturge in the performing arts today

© Philippe Quesne/Vivarium Studio

2. PM - 4.30 PM

Free Entrance

The work of the dramaturge becomes a more and more significant part of the field of the performing arts but is in general more or less invisible. The work of the dramaturges is no longer solely to interpret, conceptualize or contribute with academic knowledge. He/she is now also connected to the artistic process as a co-creator. And therefore the dramaturges role is also to be creative partner as well as the analyst who gives an outsiders view of the work in progress.

In this salon we discuss and investigate where the dramaturge is situated in the process of developing performing arts today.  We ask the dramaturges as well as other people from the field of the performing arts how they experience using dramaturgical methods and approaches in their working process;

• In what way have the role and the tasks of the dramaturge changed?
• Does it create specific challenges?
• Does this require certain (new) skills? And what are they?
• Is there a need for new tools and methods? Or do they exist already and not yet has their own terminology?

• Tale Næss (N) - Dramaturge, playwright and member of the Norwegian independent organization Theater Propellen.
• Solveig Gade (DK) - Post Doc. at Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen and former dramaturge at the Royal Danish Theatre.
• Anders Mosslin (DK-S) – performer and founder of Verk Produksjoner
• Playwrights from the Nordic Dramatrain – will be announced

Moderator: Henrik Vestergaard Friis (DK) – performer, founder and coordinator of Live Art

The Dramaturge Salon is part of the Nordic Performing Arts Days that will be held in Denmark, in 2014. The event is constituted by FDD (the association of Danish Dramaturges) in collaboration with The Continuing Education of the National Performing Arts School.



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