Tidligere kursus 2015

FIELDWORKS - Workshop l (Richard Maxwell)

- An encounter with three workshops between local and International artists who seek to explore the impact of nature on theatre and performance.

© Richard Maxwell, The Feud Other

FIELDWORKS invites 27 professional performing artists, who seek to develop, cultivate and enrich the Nordic performance scene with inspiration from the remarkable Icelandic landscape.

The prominent International performing artists Annabel Arden (Theatre de Complicité, London), Philippe Quesne (Vivarium Studio, Paris) and Richard Maxwell (NYC Players, New York), who have all developed a strong and distinctive voice, will guide three different workshops.

Together with the participants they will explore, develop and create, and present the workshop site-specifically at the 'Lókal' festival in Reykjavik.

The three workshop leaders will each decide towards what aspect of Icelandic nature their workshops will be guided. As mentors they will share their expertise and ideas and guide the participants in their creative process and art making. They will transmit their personal artistic methods to the participants and a new common language will grow. An important aspect of the project is thus the interaction and sharing of knowledge between the International artists and the local Nordic artists.

You can choose between the following workshops:

Richard Maxwell (Workshop l)
Workshop description and application, see below

Philippe Quesne (Workshop ll)
Workshop description and application, click here

Annabel Arden (Workshop lll)
Workshop description and application, click here

Richard Maxvell's FIELDWORK Workshop

"Set-building for the actor -- Drawing the line between fiction and reality.

In this workshop the performer (or theater-maker) addresses questions of acting behavior through constructing physical environments and distinguishing borders. The "how" and "why" of physical surroundings are explored as to how they influence or affect performance." 

About Richard Maxwell:
Renowned theatre maker Richard Maxwell is a director, playwright and artistic director of New York City Players (founded 1999). New York City Players is a theater company creating original work about people, relationships, and above all, feeling.

View Maxwell's biography here.

Practical info

Participants will be staying in twin rooms in Reykjavik. The workshops will take place outside in the nature. Subsequently, the performances will be taken to Reykjavik and presented site-specifically to an audience. This will be hosted by the Lókal Theatre Festival of Reykjavik.

LÓKAL – International Theatre Festival Reykjavík is an annual event that introduces cutting edge theatre to audiences in Iceland and connects local theatre practitioners with fellow artists and presenters from abroad. LÓKAL is an independent festival. It enjoys annual funding from the Icelandic Ministry of Education and Culture and the City of Reykjavík and collaborates with institutional theatres and independent groups alike.

Obs! Nordic participants can apply for travel support at Nordic Culture Point, Mobility Programme via this link. Deadline for application is 13th April.

Norwegian and Icelandic participants are supported by Norsk-islandsk kultursamarbeid in the Arts Council Norway. The fee for Icelandic participants are DKK 1000,-.  The Norwegian participants has to make their own way to Reykjavik. Deadline for Norwegian applications is April 9th, response to the application April 10th.





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