Tidligere kursus 2014


CHOREO-DRIFT is a conference performed by a series of choreographic events – travelling across the globe, travelling adrift, as to challenge and be challenged by the encounter with different locations and circumstances.
CHOREO-DRIFT addresses choreography as politics, and departs from the body of work exposed and produced by the WEAVING POLITICS www.weavingpolitics.se symposium, to be further articulated and disseminated.

September 4

10.00-12.30 'CHOREO_COURSE‘ Workshop for 4nd years students and  professional dancers with Christina Caprioli and ccap dancers.

18.00-19.00 Installation by Ccap

19.00-20.00 After performance talk

September 5

12.30-13.30 French Moves: the cultural politics of ‘le hip hop”  Lecture by Felicia McCarren

13.30-15.00 Andre Lepecki interactive performative lecture

15.00-15.30 Break

15.30-16.30 Beyond Victim and Terrorist: Ship to Gaza/Freedom Flotilla and the Choreography of Life and Death Lecture by Mattias Gardell

16.30-18.00 I_SPEECH; question and answer discussion section   

18.00-19.00 Reception

Moderator:  Andrej Mircev


Felicia McCarrenis Professor of French at Tulane University and a member of the faculty in Film Studies. She is currently serving as the President of EDUCO, an association for inter-university exchange in Paris. She is the author of Dance Pathologies: Performance, Poetics, Medicine (1998) and Dancing Machines: Choreographies of the Age of Mechanical Reproduction (2003) both from Stanford University Press, and articles on performance, cinema, and new media, focusing on how performing bodies—especially female—have influenced the modern medical, visual and industrial technologies that have affected life in bodies, and how they have responded to historical measures for reading bodily meanings, such as symptomatology or scientific management. She has also translated two books of French philosophy: Michel Serres’ Rome: The Book of Foundations and Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe’s Musica Ficta; Figures of Wagner. Felicia’s forthcoming book, French Moves; The Cultural Politics of “le hip hop”, (Oxford University Press, 2013) explores the urban dance of minorities in France. Her work-in-progress, on colonial and contemporary cinema in Morocco, was awarded NEH funding in 2011.

Mattias Gardell is Professor of Comparative Religion at Uppsala University. His research focuses on the tension between religion and politics, often in relation to some mechanism of exclusion such as racism, anti-semitism or islamophobia. Previous publications include the monographs In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, 1996; Rasrisk – a comparative study of black and white religious nationalism 2003; Gods of the Blood. White Separatism and the Pagan Revival, 2003; The transforming landscapes of political Islam 2005; Tortyrens återkomst (The Return of Judical Torture) 2008; Islamofobi, 2010; Revolution i Egypten together with Jan Hjärpe, Per Björklund and Bitte Hammargren. Mattias Gardell is aslo an active member of the Ship to Gaza

Andrej Mircev was born in 1979. He graduated philosophy, history and theatre sciences  at the Philosophical faculty Zagreb in 2005. In his artistic work he explores relations between various media (photography, video, performance, instalation) and has created  and participated in several solo and group exhibitions. As a dramaturge Mircev has worked works with important Croatian directors, choreographers and dancers. He is also active in theory, where he researches interweavings of visual and performing arts. Since 2006 he works at the Academy of arts in Osijek and from 2014 at the Department of acting and media in Rijeka, Croatia. He presented papers and gave lectures at conferences and symposiums in Kent, London, Berlin, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Belgrade, Standford, etc. Mircev obtained his PhD. title at the Freie university in Berlin in 2011 under the supervision of prof. Erika  Fischer-Lichte and Gabriele Brandstetter.   

Cristina Caprioli: Internationally acclaimed artist and choreographer Cristina Caprioli was raised in Italy, educated in both Sweden and the United States, and is currently based out of Stockholm, Sweden. She has been choreographing since the mid 1990s and in 1998 founded the independent dance company ccap. Within ccap, Caprioli has produced over 30 works and tours regularly both nationally and internationally.
After more than two decades of continuous innovative work, Caprioli has gained the indisputable position as one of Sweden's foremost choreographers. Her choreography is marked not only by its clarity, stringency, and precision, but also its complexity and strong physicality. Her interest lies in both structure and disorder. She works with units and operational schemes, tasks and restrictions, logic, counter-logics, and hypothetical strategies to resist habit and coerce meaning, construct and question, and examine and respond. Caprioli's choreography acts as critical discourse and therefore demands, but also generates attention and participation.




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