Tidligere kursus 2014

Scenedans og handicap

Brug for faglig inspiration?  

Tre dages workshop med Stine Nilsen, Andrew Graham and Annie Hanauer fra Candoco Dance Company / England www.candoco.co.uk

7.-9. april gæster Candoco Dance Company ( England) Dansehallerne for at give workshops over tre dage. Kompagniet er kendt for sine forestillinger, der integrerer dansere med og uden fysisk handicaps.
Deltagerne får indblik i kompagniets undervisningsmetoder og stil, får stillet praktiske opgaver og bliver bragt i dialog med hinanden gennem egne erfaringer for at give en dybere forståelse for en inkluderende praksis i dans. Dagene er opbygget med en progression i materialet og det forventes at man kan deltage i alle tre dage workshoppen varer. På workshoppen vil deltagerne få lejlighed til at opleve en forestilling i duetform fra kompagniets repertoire.
Hver workshop er fra kl. 17-21.

Pris 850,-kr. 

Tilmelding til Susanne Frederiksen på sfr@dansehallerne.dk er påkrævet, deadline 24. marts.

Foregår i Dansehallerne, Pasteursvej 14, 2. Sal, 1799 København V.

For kørestolsbrugere er der adgang med elevator fra Foyer, Pasteursvej 20


STINE NILSEN, Artistic Co-Director

Stine was born in Norway and moved to London to train at the Laban Centre. After completing her BA Stine joined Transitions Dance Company, 1996-1997, after which she performed with Jeremy James & Company, Emilyn Claid, Angela Woodhouse, Stephen Hughes, Catherine Seymour and Barriedale Operahouse.
She first did workshops with Candoco in1999 and since joining the company in May 2000 has worked with Javier de Frutos, Doug Elkins, Jamie Watton, Fin Walker, Jasmin Vardemon, Athina Vahla, Stephen Petronio and ProteinDance.
While teaching and performing with Candoco Stine has carried on working with choreographer Angela Woodhouse (The Place Prize 2004) and took part in the Bank-project 2004 with Shioban Davies Dance Company.
Since 2004 Independent Dance has supported Stine in her investigation into inclusive approaches to teaching, commissioning a paper from Stine and Charlotte Darbyshire. Stine’s research into inclusive technique class formed the basis for her MA in Professional Practice (Integrated Dance Practice), Middlesex University, 2005. As a freelance teacher Stine leads creative workshops, INSET-training and contemporary release-based technique both in the UK and abroad, and advices on dance programs and access needs.


Annie grew up dancing in Minnesota, then went on to earn a BFA in Dance from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, before moving to London to join Candoco in 2008. In addition to her work with the company, she has performed in works by Bebe Miller, Pat Graney, Michael Sommers, Morgan Thorson and Karen Sherman, among others, and has dabbled in theatre and performance art.
Why dance? Why dance for Candoco?
In a totally geeky way, I love bodies in motion and what they can do-our bodies are really intelligent.  I love to move, and I’m interested in exploring and pushing what my body can do.  And let’s be honest, I’m probably a bit of a show-off!  I was interested in Candoco because I think it’s important to examine and question our ideas about who can be a dancer and what dance is.    I also think it’s important that everyone who wants to dance gets an opportunity to do so.  Creatively, I like seeing what comes out of a group of people with different bodies, ideas, experiences and personalities being thrown together in a studio.  I love idiosyncrasies.  I also wanted to work with a company where I would be challenged as a performer, and where I would get a chance to work with talented choreographers and movers.  I’m interested in working in a setting where dancers are not expendable, where it’s about seeing who’s in the room and utilizing their uniqueness; I like that the work we make is tailored to the performers in the company.  I like that disability can be an advantage.


Andrew is a Franco-British Dance-artist. In 2010, he gained a First honour degree at Trinity Laban Conservatoire for Music and Dance, where he performed works by Rosalind Crisp, Rosemary Butcher and Charles Linehan.
Andrew has been involved in a variety of gallery works including exhibitions Move: Choreographing you with Simon Forti, Mike Kelley, Xavier Leroy and Marten Spängberg (Hayward Gallery/Hausderkunst, 2011), These Associations by Tino Seghal (Tate Modern 2012) and Josiah McElheny’s Interactions of the abstract body (White Cube, 2012).
As a choreographer, Andrew toured his solo, Quasi (2010), in the United Kingdom and France. Along with the artist Adam James, he was awarded the PAL-LAB ‘movement and meaning’ grant by Gill Clarke (2011), for their research Vloism. Andrew joined 5X performance group as a collaborative member which involves writing, performance lectures and performance laboratory workshops. He has been involved as a movement director/choreographer on a variety of collaborative projects including Sam Lee’s music video, The ballad of George Collins (Mercury nomination, 2012).
Over his career, Andrew has performed work by Darren Johnston (2009), Joe Moran (2011), Gregory Cauvin (2010-11), Victoria Thiérrée-Chaplin and Aurélia Thiérrée’s,  Zoi Dimitriou (2012) and Jan Fabre/Troubleyn masterclass (2012).




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