Tidligere kursus 2014


- Audio drama – history, aesthetics, practice.

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International seminar on audio drama, 19-20 August 2014.

Location: University of Copenhagen, (Exact room number will follow)

On stage, on internet-based platforms, in audio walks. Audio drama is making progress and spreading in new directions and further than the classical public service radio theatre. In a time where the visual has such a strong influence, why this renewed interest in audio drama? Have we become better listeners, or have we become more interested in the potential of expression, which exists in audio?

This two-day seminar focuses on the history of audio drama, its aesthetic expression, and practices within today’s radio drama. What part do new technological possibilities, which make it possible to produce simple, cheap, “to go” or 3D audio drama, play?

The seminar is in English and tries to bridge the gap between academic and practical approaches to audio drama. The keynote-speaker is Vito Pinto from Freie Universität, Berlin, and we have invited Richard Shannon from Goldsmiths College in London to lead the workshop.

The seminar has come into existence in a cooperation with Department of Arts and Cultural Studies- Department of Aesthetics and Communication- University of Aarhus,  the journal Peripeti, The Danish National School of Performing Arts – Continuing Education and Radiodrama Netvork. The seminar leads up to the new festival for audio drama, the FLYD-festival, which takes place in Copenhagen on 21-24 August 2014. You can find more information here: www.radiodrama.nu.


Please register at radionetvaerk@gmail.com

Prize: 300 kr/40 Euro (including 2 lunch, 1 dinner and workshop) to be paid at bank account 9860– 8929712065. Be aware that the workshop only takes 20 persons, and it's those that sign up first that gets permission to participate.
It's possible to participate in the seminar for free, without paying for the food and workshop but you still need to register.


Richard Shannon, writer and director. Richard is currently lecturing at Goldsmiths College in Radio Drama and Documentary and Musical Theatre production. He is also teaching playwriting at Warwick University.
Richard was Co-director of Independent Radio Drama Productions, based at LBC Radio. His production ofPaul Sirett’s Vissi D’Arte was Highly Commended at the Prix Italia. He has directed work by Simon Beaufoy and Martin McDonagh and a number of classic serials for National Public Radio (USA) including The Hound of the Baskervilles starring Edward Petherbridge and Dracula starring Don Henderson and Kenneth Haigh.
For IRDP, Richard has written over 30 radio plays and his stage plays include: Sabbat (The Actors’ Centre), El Salvador Nativity (pub. Christian Aid), Star Gazer (Polka tour to the US) and Going Underground (Commonstock).
In 2005, he directed Chuckwudubelu ­ Preserved of God by Justin Butcher, starring Ben Okafor for BBC Radio 4.
From 1998 to 2008 Richard worked as the Literary Manager and then Associate Director (New Work) at Polka Theatre. by Richard Shannon at the Guild Hall and Dazzling Medusa by Geraldine McCaughrean.

Vito Pinto (Dr. phil) studied French literature and theatre studies at the FU Berlin. He was a post-graduate in the interdisciplinary special research project »Kulturen des Performativen« in Berlin and wrote his PhD thesis (in theatre studies) about mediatised voices in theatre, radio play and film, published in 2012 under the title Stimmen auf der Spur (= Voices on the Track/Tracing Voices). Currently, he is engaged as a freelancer in different projects: i.e. as curator and programme manager of the »Berliner Hörspielfestival der freien Szene« in 2013; as visiting lecturer at the FU Berlin (topics: i.e. radio theory; aesthetics and history of German radio plays; theatrical soundscapes; music clips); as free-lance reader and editor. Furthermore, he is a member of an interdisciplinary group of researchers based in Konstanz and Berlin concerned with the issue ›audio book‹. Vito Pinto’s main research foci are the theory and aesthetics of the voice and of contemporary theatre as well as the history and aesthetics of radio plays and music clips.




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