Tidligere kursus 2014

New Communities - Collective Processes

A Nordic networking festival for performing artists

NEW COMMUNITIES is a cooperation between Teater Nordkraft and the Danish School of Performing Arts- Continuing Education. We are looking to generate a network for younger Nordic performing artists, who have a desire for new ways of creating.

Our aim is to invite 36 artists, directors, playwrights, set designers, actors, light designers, composers, choreographers, dramaturges etc. from across the Nordic countries for four days of workshops, performances, lectures, discussions and social activities. We are looking for participants, who have already been creating for some years, but are curious to share and explore.

Our goal is to repeat this meeting every year in June in Aalborg, so that the network is sustained and deepened in the coming years. The first edition will focus on collective processes, and we have invited 3 Nordic groups, who have created significant work in a collective process.


Each group will direct a workshop and bring one of their performances:


Workshop: Hamlet´s lost kar key´s and the plague of fantasies

PERFORMANCE: Zombie Tests and Transmissions


Workshop:"You never look at me from the place at which I see you".

PERFORMANCE: Bones (Institutet/Outil)

Verk Produksjoner:

Workshop: The problem is not that of being free but of finding a way out, or even a way in, another side!


The 2014 edition NEW COMMUNITIES will kick off The Nordic Performing Arts Days, held in Copenhagen, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg June 9th-19th.

Due to Nordic and Danish funding we are pleased to inform you that participation and hotel is free of charge.

New communities are supported by Nordisk Kulturfond, Kulturkontakt Nord and The Danish Art Foundation

Once you are accepted for the workshop, you can apply for a travel grant at Kulturkontakt Nord. Application deadline is 9.4.14

New Communities are curated by Miriam Frandsen, SSKS-Continuing Education, Jakob Højgård Jensen, Teater Nordkraft and stage director Mikkel Flyvholm.




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