Tidligere kursus 2014

Truth & Dare/The Garden of earthly delights – Holbæk | Lesher

Food, feeding and feeling in interactive performance theater

The age-old childhood game of Truth or Dare is a very fitting analogy for interactive food performance.

In Truth or Dare - each member and the "audience" is also a participatory creator of the performative space of the "game". In turn, each voluntary member of the "circle" is given a simple choice between telling a story about himself or obeying a request made by the group.

In the ensuing implicit excitement/entertainment of the "game" lies it's possibility for ((revealment)).

It is the excitement of approaching, teasing, testing and hopefully crossing each others' boundaries and personal limits, if even just slightly, that entices the player to stay in the circle, open up, and perform, when their turn comes.

The group - is at once both predatory in their desire to see each participant touch or cross thier limits and caring/supportive in their need to support the group during it's  collective voyage into the explicit danger zone of the game’s formal requirements.

The social game of truth or dare may be the best analogy and first prototype for what modern social play performance theater seeks to investigate today.

We want to play Truth or Dare with our audience - who we usually don't know very well - so we do this by setting a scene - establishing a story - and embellishing our game of Truth or Dare into the scene and story in order to provide our participative, creative, personal audience with a supportive, caring  (and sometimes predatory) framework within which they can feel free to both seek the truth of the others' stories and dare tell thier own.

Through the course of this workshop, we would like to show you how we work with establishing a sense of caring/fostering/gifting in our participatory audiences through theme-ing, scene-ing and nest-ing stories into temporary social constructions that allow a wide variety of persona to collide collectively.

We want to set the same sort of situation up with you, a group of professionals...

We want to show you how food can be the keystone to this sort of interactive playground and let you, in turn, inspire and teach us....


Holbek | Lesher

is a performance lab focusing on food, exploring its erotic, political and social potential, digging into taboos, fetishes and the rituals of eating.
We play with cannibalism, the ultimate power of the feeder, the holy and the unholy, obsession, fear, manipulation, the clean an the unclean, as well as the fragility of being fed.
In installation like spaces we create interactive social experiments/games in which the audience participate by sniffing, chewing, licking or talking, listening /feeling their way, using their senses, emotional reactions and words to make the installation come alive, grow and transform into a sharing and challenging experience.


Truth & Dare is a Symposium for professional artist and students from the Danish National School of performing Arts





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