Tidligere kursus 2014

Truth & Dare/Hit and Run, what's the point ? - Laila Soliman & Ruud Gielens

In four days theatre makers will take theatre actions into the city to question
the limits of what their work can do in such a short time.
"Theatre graffiti ", fuck being anonymous we are taking a stand as artists
so the audience can maybe join us.
The plan is a popular attack that takes "real" material that we care about from our contexts today, and in some way or form tries to react to what is actually happening at the moment in a personal and yet public or easier said artistic form.

But what is it that we care about?
And more important what is the point?


Laila Soliman

Laila Soliman is an independent Egyptian theatre director and playwright, living and working in Cairo, Brussels and Amsterdam. She studied at the German School and the American University in Cairo and now she is doing her MA in theater at Dasarts in Amsterdam. Her works have been mainly shown in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, in Europe. Amongst her most important works are “The Retreating World” (2004), “Ghorba, images of alienation” (2006), “…At your service!” (2009), “Spring Awakening in the Tuktuk” (2010), “Lessons in Revolting” (2011), which she co-directed with the Belgian theatre maker Ruud Gielens. Her play “Egyptian Products” (2009) was published in the anthology Plays from the Arab World by Nick Hern Books and the Royal Court Theatre, London. Her performance text "A Diary in Scenes: And don't forget never to wear tampons at a revolution!" was published in Theater der Zeit (April 2011) Currently she is continuing her work on the documentary theatreseries on military and police violence titled “No Time for art”. www.notimeforart.com

Ruud Gielens

Ruud Gielens was born in 1977 in Belgium and studied theatre directing at the RITS in Brussels. After graduation, the versatile artist was active in various fields of the performing arts. He designed stage sets and lighting, realized video designs and directed and played at several Belgian Theatres. His strong interest in social issues leads him to realize a variety of politically motivated projects that always spring from impulsive promptings, political and artistic emergencies, interventions and debates. With Mourade Zeguendi, Chokri and Zouhaïr Ben Chikha he founded the company Union Suspecte and directed amongst others: 41 Rue de la limite, L’Hafa, Notre Dame de Flandre, We people and Back To School. His other directorial works include Koltès’: Black Battles with Dogs at the Theater Antigone and also Peter Handke’s Die Stunde da wir nichts von einander wussten at the Kaaitheater. He also directed the opera’s Samson and Platée at Music Theatre Transparant in Antwerp. As an actor, he played amongst others in Luk Percevals’: L. King of Pain, Turista and Death of a Salesman. At the Berlin Schaubuehne, he starred in Thomas Ostermeier’s staging of the Woyzeck. At the German National Theater Weimar, he played Richard III under Thomas Thieme’s direction. From 2005 to 2010 he was part of the ensemble of the KVS in Brussels. As a house director, he staged amongst others: Liberté, Egalité, Sexualité, Singhet ende Weset, Kroum, Revue and Biedermann und die Brandstiffter; as an actor, he starred at the KVS in Litanie and King Lear. He also starred in several Belgian and international movies and television series including Vermist, De Keyser van de Smaak, Soeur Sourire and Les Barons. Since 2005 he has been teaching at the Drama School Rits in Brussels. Since 2011 he resided most of the time in Cairo where he together with Laila Soliman will replay most of his artistic practices in the future.

Truth & Dare is a Symposium for professional artist and students from the Danish National School of performing Arts




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