Tidligere kursus 2014

Conversations about performing Art - Feng Jiangzhou & Lin Zhang

What is happening in Chinese Performing Art?

- an introduction to new media on stage i China

We have invited the leading multimedia artists Feng Jiangzhou and Lin Zhang from Beijing, who will introduce us to the current and future performance art in China. Along with the Beijing based dramaturg and director Fabrizio Massini they will present their own work and connect it with the work of other innovative performance artists.

Feng Jiangzhou and Lin Zhang are both sound- and video artists as well as performers and musicians. Together they run the SIFenlv New Media Studio in Beijing. The studio is recognised for its groundbreaking projects within electronic music, dance, performance, opera and installation art, and through its productions it has developed a new aesthetic way of thinking interactive art in China. The studio serves as an innovative laboratory where programmers, performance artists and audiovisual artists in unison develop software and artistic creations. With the often great and spectacular productions the studio has put a focus on the use of new media in art, just as the projects have opened up to the possibility of a cross-aesthetic cooperation between traditional and modern performance art in China. Besides his artistic work Feng Jiangzhou is also a visiting professor at the China Academy of Fine Art. www.fengjiangzhou.com

Fabrizio Massini is a dramaturg, performer, director and head of the theatre company; Elephant in the Room, which is based in Beijing. As an Italian, Fabrizio is based both in Europe and in China, and the goal of his organisation is to develop and to bridge the gap between Chinese and European art projects. In the past years Elephant in the Room has initiated controversial projects for, among others, the Beijing Fringe Festival and Ibsen International in China. Furthermore, Elephant in the Room has launched and produced a number of original performance art projects, which often focus on similarities and differences between the Chinese and European way of thinking.

DATE: January 24

PLACE: SSKS, Phillip de Langes Alle 3, Sal 1





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