Tidligere kursus 2013


Lets be greedy. Lets collapse. Lets freak out.

Write dance sweat perform. First alone, then in duetts, then with all.

Key words are:

How do we as dance teachers/choreographers working with young people motivate to creativity? How can we use a meaningful theme for the creation of dance and performance with young people, in an engaging way? And how can we use the spoken word in dance and performance with young people?

The workshop finishes with an unformal  showing. 

Target groups are:

Dance, performance and theatre professionals working with young people/Youngsters, ages  13 – 18 , wanting to work  with dance, performance and theatre 

Workshopleader: Uta Plate, Educational theatre practitioner + director

After finishing her studies in cultural education in Hildesheim (Germany) Uta Plate worked as the director of the African-German theatre company ‘Rangi Moja’, consisting of African asylum-seekers and German students.

In 1996, Uta Plate started off the project 'theatre in prison' in cooperation with the local ministry of justice in a juvenile prison in Thuringia. During these two and a half years she also ran theatre projects with elderly people living in old people's homes, as well as projects with children staying in homes for asylum-seekers. 

In 1999, Uta Plate joined the ensemble of the Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz where the new artistic team around Thomas Ostermeier and Sasha Waltz started. There she runs workshops and after-show talks to accompany each production, offering an approach to the content of the plays on show within the context of the 'laboratory' Schaubühne. Often collaborating with schools and universities, Uta Plate creates passion for theatre amongst young people.

As part of »TUSCH« (Theatre and Schools/Project of the Berlin Council) the Schaubühne maintains a working partnership with one special school. Each year a theatre production with the pupils is mounted by Uta Plate. Emphasis is on the examination of the work of contemporary authors, as well as the creative development of own texts. In 2010 she was director of the first international TUSCH-production IDEAL CITY with pupils from Berlin and Warsaw.

Uta Plate further runs the youth theatre company 'Die Zwiefachen', which devises a show per year through improvisation, movement and writing workshops. The members of the company, from 15-23 years old, all are or were part of a housing programme run by social workers. In some international cooperation the company developed plays with a youth theatre group from England (2005), a Capoeira-Group from Brazil (2006) and a theatre group of Roma-youngsters from Hungary(2007). In 2008 they had an artistic collaboration with the Aahoran Theatre from Nepal and showed the result in frame of the international youth theatre festival “Contacting the World” in Liverpool.

Besides her work at Schaubühne, Uta Plate has been running theatre and movement workshops and projects internationally,at the University of Santiago, Chile (2004), at the University of Beijing/China (2005), at the Hellenic Theatre+Drama & Education Network/Greece (2006), Trondelag Theatre, Trondheim/Norway (2007), Aahoran Theatre, Kathmandu/Nepal (2008), University of Art Istanbul/Turkey (2009), National Theatre of Helsinki/Finland (2010), at the international conference of children and youth museums “Hands On”, Ljubljana/Slovenia (2011), “Kedja”-Festival, Aarhus/Denmark (2011). At the BACKA-Theatre, Göteborg/Sweden (2012/13) she develops the show »Run for your life« with ten youngsters and five Actors.  


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