Tidligere kursus 2013


This workshop will examine some basic devising tools and strategies so  individuals can appropriate it into their one personal devised work.
Devising is physical playwriting, where the starting point is to create a performance through a collaborative and investigative process, working from ground zero together on a theme, concept, image  or story that demands to be told.  A process then follows of exploration and experimentation of  content and form.

The key focus of this workshop will be on the development of that material; How to take that "magic" moment of a spontaneous improvisation and take it through the various developmental stages of  repeating, econstructing, editing and composing to a finished moment.

Underviser: Caroline McSweeney

Caroline McSweeneyis a theatre director from Ireland, currently based in Denmark. She established Locus Theatre Company which is committed to creating contemporary narratives in new and exciting physical forms, often creating absurd or black comedies. She is also in liaison with three companies from Denmark, Sweden and Norway in the creation of new shows, one of these including Det Norske Teater Oslo which will produce her new devised production in 2013.





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