Tidligere kursus 2013

Videostage - workshop with Merit Fakler

Video on projection-surfaces, such as bodies, objects, screens or curtains, can perform very different functions on stage. Video can create a moving stage design, can stage itself as a virtual co-actor, can show other times, other spaces or other points of view on stage - creating image-spaces within the image-space theatre. The workshop deals with those aspects and shows the different roles of video-projection on stage in order to be able to recognize and realize an appropriate and meaningful connection between the different elements of theatre and video.

Level: This course is addressed to students and professionals of theatre arts, who want to experience various aspects about video in theatre. (open for all levels)

Content: The course is starting out with a lecture demonstration on video in performing arts to be followed by practical exercises, tryouts and creative work realisations by the participants.

22nd of January:  12°° - 18°°
23rd  of January:  10°° - 16°° 
24th  of January:  10°° - 16°°


Merit Fakler studied stage design, master class of Prof. Achim Freyer, and video art at the University of the Arts Berlin. Using her expertise in both areas she works as video artist, stage designer and teacher of video in Berlin, Germany and abroad. Besides her own art works in theatre and video, she did numerous documentary and promotion films about dance-performances, theatre education projects and research in collaboration with renowned artists in dance-theatre and performing arts.





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