Tidligere kursus 2012

Choreographing Music - Composing dance 3

The course will explore choreographic and musical ideas from 3 different 

1. Realtionship of sound and Movement: The possibilities of movement 
with text, the relationship between sound and movement. The use of the 
voice with the body. The text will be taken from Shakespeare.

2. Music and movement dynamics: We will explore dynamics in movement 
and  music,and how they influence each other.

3. Synchronicity: what does synchronised movement create? How does it 
effect the performers, the movement and the mood of the work.

© Julian Gabriel Richter  

We will explore these three areas through a series of questions:

  •  What stories can be told through the body?
  •  How do you tell stories through the body without words?
  •  In what way can words/sound/music impact and inform the movement?

UNDERVISER: Christopher Benstead and Isabel Mortimer

Christopher Benstead har gennem de seneste femogtyve år komponeret mere end halvfems musikstykker i en bred vifte af stilarter fra orkesterstykker, til kammermusik, kirkemusik og elektronisk musik. Han har komponeret for utallige dansekompagnier eks. Rambert Dance Company, London Contemporary Dance Theatre og Den Kgl. Ballet. Christopher har netop føjet yderligere to titler til samlingen ”Music for Dance”. Han underviser såvel dansere som musikere og er en af Englands mest anerkendte og erfarne danseakkompagnatører.

Isabel Mortimer is a performer of international acclaim, during a career that spans twenty two years she has collaborated with some of Europe ’s most exciting and innovative directors and choreographers.

She co founded Images Dance Company during her last year at London Contemporary Dance School which toured extensively over a four year period. Isabel performed a soloist role in ‘Mindless Matter’, a piece that won the first prize at the prestigious Bagnolet Dance Festival.

The course is a collaboration with SMD and there will also be students participating. The participants has the possibility to attend morning training with Isabel Mortimer




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