Tidligere kursus 2012

Expanding Territories - An expansive European symposium

- An expansive European symposium which consist of 4 intense workshops, lectures and debates for professional performing artists who seek to research and determine their own creativity and conditions of work!
How do we strengthen our curiosity and artistic courage?
How do you motorize your own artistic production and knowledge production?
The workshops will investigate different artistic approaches and processes related  to developing new ideas and new ways of working.


theatre director, Ireland/Denmark CAROLINE MCSWEENEY

Devising is collective theatre making, working from ground zero together, on a theme, concept, image or story that demands to be told. It allows new works for the stage to be produced across the usual / normal boundaries of discipline or artistic hierarchy. This workshop will examine some basic tools and strategies for the generation and development of material; from improvisations to short composition work.

Fantasy Interventions
writer and director, England ANT HAMPTON

A workshop on imagination and writing for site-specific theatre / live urban interventions.
Rather than try to enable or kick-start any actual project, the workshop concerns itself with the initial stages of imagination and conception. A designer or architect will often create sketches or models which aim to embody the essence of a project while willfully exceeding many 'real world' limitations (financial, structural, political, aesthetic, etc). Such sketches can often prove valuable in their own right, both for the artist and others; they can encapsulate and expand upon the visionary 'kernel' of an idea, without being too quickly bogged down with practical concerns. Nevertheless, the workshop chooses to look at site-specific performance due to the very special demands it makes on artists to weigh up feasibility with imagination. What kind of 'sketches' can assist us in conceiving performance work for locations outside theatre buildings? With a focus on writing, and involving walks around parts of Oslo, the workshop is open to artists from different disciplines and backgrounds.  

Research and sketching methods
choreographer, video artist and programmer, Estonia TAAVET JANSEN

How to work out and elaborate ideas (steps to production; network; collaboration). In this workshop Taavet will introduce a research project “MIM goes sustainable”, a project for investigating possibilities for self-sustainable theatre. The workshop covers: Time planning. How to create a projection of the project? How to find collaborators? Artistic concept and its communication to the public. 

Perception Performance Pool
director and member of Rimini Protokoll, Germany DANIEL WETZEL

7 minutes that we spend, you, me, us, together. Everything we later watch happens within these 7 minutes. Who saw what, who met whom, and how to create missing links when everyone films at the same time? We explore them by stepping back again and again to the beginning and follow another path, another camera and its narration. Berlin‐based theater and performance label Rimini Protokoll is currently developing a performance structure dealing with the absence of the performers and a complex system to explore past events. This workshop offers an insight in the development of this concept and wants to explore its potentials. Participants are equipped with tablet PCs and simultaneously produce their own video material. 

Assistant director Aslak Moe

Moderator: Serge von Arx
Swiss architect based in Oslo and Berlin. During his 11 year collaboration with Robert Wilson he developed and realized numerous stage-, exhibition- and installation-designs all over the world. As an independent designer he created various exhibitions. Serge von Arx writes as an architectural critic for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and has a teaching experience from the Watermill Center on Long Island, the University of Barcelona and the Akademi for Scenekunst in Fredrikstad.

Workshops are open to actors, dancers, directors, scenographers, choreographers, light and sound designers and playwrights 

Expanding territories are an event that gives the artist a unique opportunity to meet and works with colleges from other countries. An event where the focus is on the process and where there are no expectations towards the product?

KHIO International Acting festival, - an international meeting of acting methods and approaches will take place at the same time. The workshop participants will have the oppurtunity to meet Lenard Petit from Michael Chekov Acting Studio, New York, Gob Squad, a group of UK and German artist and the Norwegian director/choreographer Jo Strømgren.


Practical information

A maximum of  50.
Continuing Education offers 7 danish participants free travel, hotel and lunch.

Working language:
The working language will be english.

June 2nd to 5th 2012.

Oslo National Academy of the Arts
Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka
Oslo, Norway
Map here

Deadline for application:
April 10th 2012.

Application procedur:

For danish participants the application should be made here

Choice of workshop and a short letter of motivation must be sent by mail to 

Kerstin Anderson; ka@teaterskolen.dk

For swedish participants the application should be sent to Bodil Persson; bodil.persson@doch.se , or Katarina Tillberg; katarina.tillberg@stdh.se

For norwegian participants the application should be sent to Etterutdanningen; evu@khio.no

The Icelandic applications should be sent to: vigdis@lhi.is




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