Tidligere kursus 2012

Monsters of Reality

© Dan Perjovschi 

Monsters of Reality is a festival exploring how different artistic strategies relate our social reality to the esthetics of the stage: It is being bombed with the real and concrete, and thus challenging the viewer into reflections on how to perceive everyday realities.
We see a rhetorical take on the ancient debate of mimesis, and in this span between theatre and anti-theatre the representational conventions of theatre is yet again confronted. There is a dramaturgical playing between forms of representation and presence, and we are no longer viewing the theatrical representation of action but more the action of representation.

Again we have to ask: what does it mean to represent in the theatre?

Let us not think of theater as a museum for performing arts. Let us instead see the theatrical situation as a potentially vibrant meeting of minds – allowing us to reconsider, reflect, interact and question the social and political condition of the everyday.
In lectures, debates and guest-performances the festival-participants will be meeting with international researchers and Nordic artists in the field.

The theatre will always negotiate with the real so it is perhaps difficult to ask why? Maybe we should instead ask how to stage the reality. It is possible to see these dramaturgies of the real as a wish for a more direct transport of the life in theatre and the theatre in life - a longing to present the real and the concrete as it is. In discussing these artistic strategies terms like 'authenticity', 'representation', 'illusion' and 'fiction' are very often used. Beyond the seducing surface of authenticity are there other ways of understanding the contemporary theatre that searches for new ways of presenting 'realities'? The panels and the festival-participants will together reflect on the theatre, its function and effect.

Keynotes: Imanuel Schipper, Solveig Gade, Carol Martin and Shannon Jackson

Moderator: Kjetil Røed

POINT BLANK by Edit Kaldor

CMMN SNS PRJCT by Kalauz/Schick

LOGOBI 02 by Gintersdorfer/Klaßen

PROMETHEVS IN ATHENS. Performance lecture by Rimini Protokoll


The Festival will take place at Dramatikkens Hus. The price is 500 NKR (including 4 performances and 3 meals)

SEND APPLICATION TOGETHER WITH CV TO maritge@dramatikkenshus.no


Travel links: Norwegian, www.eurolines.dk , www.safflebussen.dk, www.swebusexpress.dk  

Hotels/bed&breakfast:http://www.bbnorway.com/sider/oslo_bergen.htm; www.airbnb.com; www.cochspensjonat.no

Monsters of Reality is a collaboration between Siri Forberg(dramaturge &curator), Dramatikkens Hus(Oslo) and Statens Teaterskole - Efteruddannelsen(Copenhagen). It is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council. In addition we would like to acknowledge the Norwegian Opera and Ballet for generous lending of venue for one of the performances, LOGOBI 02(Gintersdorfer/Klaßen).



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Actor's Master Class med Kirk Baltz

Vi starter det nye år med en master class med Kirk Baltz.

Den amerikanske skuespiller og underviser guider deltagerne mod stærke, definitive valg og levende præstationer.

29. januar - 3. februar 2017 i Odsherred.
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Complete Vocal Technique Workshop d. 7.-10. marts

Sangteknikken 'Complete Vocal Technique'  benyttes med succes af scenekunstnere på verdensplan. Teknikken er funderet i videnskabelige undersøgelser. Workshoppen fra d.7.-10. marts giver sangere, dansere og skuespillere mulighed for en indgående introduktion til Complete Vocal Techniques forskellige tekniske værktøjer, som umiddelbart herefter kan anvendes.

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