Tidligere kursus 2011

INTO THE VOID - the art of beginning: Workshop with Kristjān Ingimarsson

Start with the trailer

An upside down process. Start by producing 30 seconds of material in order to go beneath the surface of your unborn ideas.
What hides behind an idea? In this workshop we will investigate how you in an uncompromising way generate those intangible images, physical actions, fragments of text and other stuff, which more or less are stuck in our heads. The most important thing when you work with your ideas is to stay true to your vision and your gut feeling. One way of exploring the ideas is to give them a specific form and lay them out in an open forum. Put everything on the table. Dissect it all and be curious. Get to know the team you are working with and use the energy that arises in the space between you. Be product orientated in a chaotic process. Feel free to work with a superficial idea, but insist on turning this work into something profound in the end.
I would like to put a team together; they should be like an organism looking for new forms in a playful and curious way. Our starting point will be my coming performance BLAM. I believe in an open source theater, and I am not occupied by ownership of ideas. Everyone in this team most understand, that the ideas, we generate during this workshop can be used later in a show. 

Workshop team:
9 persons:
2 performers/actors/stuntmen
1 scenographer
1 prop maker
1 sound designer
1 light designer
1 director/choreographer
1 production person
1 assistant/runner/video documentary

Performer and director Kristjàn Ingimarsson  (Denmark)

 Kristján is originally from Iceland and he moved to Denmark in 1992. He is trained, among other places, at the School of Stage Arts (the actors’ school at the performance art theatre Cantabile 2, DK). In 1998 he founded and became artistic director of the Neander Theatre Company, as well as freelance director, actor and performer. Besides his work for Neander Theatre Company, Kristján also works as an extraordinary and multitalented artist in the field of visual theatre. He is full of surprising and comic figures. His physical language is constantly developped in a blend of mime, slapstick, acrobatics, clowning, dance and theatre. www.neander.dk




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