Tidligere kursus 2011

INTO THE VOID - the art of beginning: Workshop with Signa Sørensen

The Domus Mortis Sightings

As we navigate in city spaces what and how we see is depending highly on our purpose and destination. Most areas we experience from a transit perspective without much interest in details. In the workshop we will leave transit mode and dedicate our full attention to a Copenhagen neighborhood, mapping and interpreting traces and events which mostly would be unnoticed. We will employ a glance of paranoia, of obsession.

As a preparation and starting point for the workshop the participants will individually walk through a somewhat desolate suburban area, carefully following a map with tasks and instructions. They will register and add fictive events to the spaces they encounter and connect coincidences through made up stories.

The text, photos, video and audio recordings gathered by the participants on their field trip will form the starting point of the workshop. The material will be combined into a dense semi-fiction installed in a black box at the Theatre School.

The workshop appeals to participants of all fields.

Performer, director and installation artist Signa Sørensen (Denmark)

Signa has at a young age proved herself as one of the most significant young performing artists in Denmark - latest with her interpretation of Pasolini’s Salò. Together with Arthur Köstler and Thomas Bo Nilsson she has created the artists group SIGNA. SIGNA combines a broad spectrum of different art forms in their work, which resists categorisation. The fundamental concept of their performances is best described as installation. They devise site-specific projects fitted to a particular space by redefining abandoned, disused buildings and sites and transforming them into a timeless theatrical space. Signa has created performences all around Europe. As one of the very few Danish artists she has been invited to show her work at the important theatre festival in Berlin, Theatertreffen. www.signa.dk




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