Tidligere kursus 2011

INTO THE VOID - the art of beginning: Workshop with Katie Duck


Over the past three years and currently I have been offering CRIMES AND CASUALTIES as a theme when requested, for making performance events on groups. CRIMES AND CASUALTIES is darkly humorous scenarios that can include dance, movement, music, text and film. The CRIMES and CASUALTY'S are live time improvisations ironically based on crimes and rock casualties. I have chosen this theme together with my partner in MAGPIE (Alfredo Genovesi) so that we can highlight the criminal behaviour today that allows for rank mercantile opportunism to override the care and needs of our own communities, and the damage that results. The use of a theme allows for me to narrow down the music direction and tension, collect movement materials, specify the range of humour, object/figure, interaction among the players and gives me an opportunity to express my obsessions from outside the performance platform. 

For the symposium, I will develop movement and performance material with the performance group using historical crimes (a serial killer, mass murderer, kidnapping etc.). Most of the work will be with my workshop material. The workshop material provides tools for how the performer is able to develop in rehearsal and then execute a theatrical event in live time. I will introduce the CRIME theme late in the process.

I will bring music (CD) by Alfredo Genovesi (music director MAGPIE) in order for the performers to experience the music direction I am now engaged with (electronics and electric guitar) and to provide tension and structure for the showing (20 minute CD)

The workshop appeals to Performers, Dancers, Actors/actresses, writers and Sound designers

Choreographer, dancer and performer Katie Duck (USA):

Katie Duck is originally from the United States but she has been based in Amsterdam since 1976. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with artists who share her passion for working with music, text and dance in performances among others Tristan Honsinger, Michael Moore and Derek Bailey.  Besides participating as a performer and composer, she has initiated numerous dance and music improvisation projects in Holland, Italy and England. Presently she tours around the world with her solo work and her Company Magpie. www.katieduck.com




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