Tidligere kursus 2011

INTO THE VOID - the art of beginning: Workshop with Lukas Bangerter

Why is there always something rather than nothing?

Since the absence of everything is a condition that we will most likely never
experience, we can assume that there is always something.
As gigantic as the white canvas and the empty space might appear, they are not empty. The nothing that seems to surround us before we make the first decision, is nothing but a disorganized mass of something.

Together with the workshop participants, I will try out strategies for the generation of dramaturgical material, not departing from a concept or an overall topic, but from what already is.
By examining the structures given by the fact that we exist, we create elementary particles, that can attract each other and combine into elements, which can in turn crystallize and become bigger structures or even provide the nutrient solution for a whole project.

After a report on my own work, during which I will reflect on the beginnings of my own projects, we will make practical experiments on stage and develop a micro-playlet that transforms form to content and content to form.

The workshop appeals to performers, actors, dancers, directors and sound designers. 

Writer, Director and Performer Lukas Bangerter (Switzerland)

Lukas Bangerter has formed the group PLASMA which explores the borders between theatre, music and fine arts, and in this manner creates performances with a unique signature: densely layered and yet clear and reduced in its means. The pieces of Lukas Bangerter are never linear treatises. They can be read both as living instillations and as scenic concerts. PLASMA has realized twelve projects to date since being founded by Lukas Bangerter and the actor Wowo Habdank in 2000. Zurich is the base for the creation of their work, from where they perform at performance venues and festivals all over Switzerland and Europe. Besides his work with PLASMA Lukas is also working as a freelance writer and director for many theatres around Europe. www.plasmaplasma.ch





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