Tidligere kursus 2011

INTO THE VOID - The art of beginning. Seminar and Showcase

Seminar 28/10 at 9:30-13:00

Compositional Method: A suggestion for a methodology

At the Director and the Scenography Departments at The Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance we have been working on formulating a methodology related to space and composition. It centers on the triad of generating, formulating and sharpening material, and on the continuous switching between these modes.

The development of the method is led by Lene Kobbernagel and is based on the work of director/choreographer Charlotte Munksøe, architect/director Ralf Richard Strøbech, visual artist Barbara Wilson and director Caroline McSweeney. It has resulted in what we name the Compositional Method which offers a specific vocabulary connected to ways of working with body, space and research material as starting points in an artistic process.
After a presentation of the work we invite you to participate in dialogue-based sessions, where you can investigate the connection between our formulation of a methodology and your own artistic work.

Inger Eilersen is hosting the seminar and Lene Kobbernagel is facilitator. After the seminar the six workshops start.

The seminar appeals to artists, art students, researchers, art institutions and universities occupied with methodical teaching and artistic thinking.

Showcase and final debate 30/10 at 14:00-20:00

The six workshops will be rounded off by a row of work in progress presentations Sunday afternoon. These showcases will be followed by an artistic discussion between the artists and the audience. The discussion will be guided by the director Egill Palsson and architect/director Ralf Richardt Strøbech who will follow the six workshops from the sideline during the weekend.





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