Tidligere kursus 2006


Spacing Out – An expansive Nordic seminar on physical/visual stage dramaturgy.

September 21-26, 2006 in Vilnius, Lithuania

Spacing Out is a 6-day, cross-art event investigating space and composition.

Professional stage-, dance- and performance-artists from the Nordic and Baltic regions will, during six days of workshops, work concretely and creatively with exciting new expressions and working methods within non-heirachical stage-art.

Spacing Out gets to grips with dramaturgy and composition in physical/visual performance and theatre while making room for exploration and new experimentation. The chosen participants will use their own and others’ experience of composition within space in their practice.

Spacing Out presents three intense workshops with six workshop leaders from the international art- and theatre-worlds:

Daniel Wetzel from the theatre inventors collective Rimini Protokoll and lecturer Miriam Dreysse from The Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen will turn their workshop into a sight specific theatre experiment focussing on the theatricality of work.

Curator and author Adrian Heathfield from Nottingham Trent University and choreographer Jonathan Burrows challenge participants to develop and break-down conventional perceptions of space and dramaturgy.

Choreographer Benoît Lachambre and the Belgian dramaturg Myriam van Imschoot invite participants to work practically with understanding and creation of space and composition.

Spacing Out is brought to you in connection with Vilnius’ international theatre- and dance-festival Sirens. Participants will have ample opportunity to meet both local and international stage- and performance-artists.

Spacing Out is a practical and artistic follow-up to the major symposium Space & Composition held in Copenhagen, 2005

Application: www.nordscen.org/spacingout/index.php?id=apply




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