Tidligere kursus 2011

Roy Hart Teknik

Foto: The deer house. Needcompany. © Maarten Vanden Abeele

The vocal research which is the essential creative inspiration of Roy Hart Theatre is based on a belief that our voices are very much bigger than we think, certainly bigger than we normally use, and that there is a profound connection between our voice and our self, which is in turn very much bigger than we realise or normally admit to. The work was originated over 80 years ago by Alfred Wolfsohn in Berlin. At that time, and perhaps still, the principle idea about the voice was that sounds were produced by the larynx and resonated in the head - mainly. To a large extent this is probably true, but the expression, the beauty and the quality that makes us want to listen comes from the body, the heart, the stomach, the genitals, even the knees, and from the soul. "The voice is the muscle of the soul".

Workshopleader: Ian Magilton

Ian Magilton holds a Masters Degree(painting) Chelsea School of Art ~ 1969. Founder member Roy Hart Theatre London ~ 1969 and Roy Hart Theatre Centre à Malérargues, France ~ 1974 and currently president of the association. Involved in the creation of almost all RHT productions, either as actor, director, or set/light designer. 1988 - Began working with MAGNA VOX musikkteater in Trondheim, Norway. Works as a freelance actor, director and designer in Scandinavia, France and USA. Taught at the following institutions among others: Unge Klara, Riksteatret, Stockholm; La Mama ETC, New York, CAIRoy Hart Malérargues, France, Teaterhuset Avant Garden, Norway; universities of Montpellier, Tel Aviv, New York, Connecticut, Yale, Duke, Tunis, Rabat and Trondheim.

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