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 Foto: Isabella's Room. Needcompany. © Maarten Vanden Abeele

 Viewpoints is a moveent-based improvisation which originated in the world of dance and was then adapted for actors and other disciplines by the New York based Anne Bogart’s SITI Co. It divides the basic elements of Time and Space into separate categories:

Time: Kinaesthetic Response, Repetition, Tempo, Duration

Space: Architecture, Spatial Relationships, Gesture, Topography, Shape

Viewpoints is a tool to create a heightened physical ensemble and equips the practitioners with a shared theatrical vocabulary which allows the creations of new works to be made quickly on the floor.

While this is a very physical and practical work with a strong performance element, it is open to all disciplines.

Workshopleader: Caroline Mc Sweeney

Caroline McSweeney is a theatre director from Ireland, currently based in Denmark. She completed a Contemporary Theatre Degree UK, as well as a Masters in Theatre. Dublin. From there she continued to study in physical theatre with companies like Teater de Complicite., Right Size Theatre Company,  Forced Enterainment (UK) Anne Bogart and The Siti Compnay (NY)  Frank Van de Van,  Ide van Heiningin (Amsterdam). She aslo took place in  many Laboratories / Residencies with The National Theate of Ireland,  Dublin Fringe  Theatre Festival. She  established Locus Theatre Company which is committed to creating contemporary narratives in new and exciting physical forms, often creating absurd or black comedies. In the last number of years Locus Theatre Company has been creating shows that are collaborations between Irish and Danish performers, scenographer, choreographers and dramaturges, resulting in Same Same but Different performed in Project Arts Dublin and Plex Musik Teater Copenhagen. She is also in liason at the moment with three companies from Denmark, one Swedish company and one company from Oslo in the creation of new shows in 2011/ 2012 /2013. Caroline has also been teaching Viewpoints and Devising for almost 15 years and while teaching to many theatre companies, works also as a consultant to the directors, scenographers and actors in devised based projects in all of the state schools across Scandinavia

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