Tidligere kursus 2011


Foto: Needcompany.Isabella's room. © Eveline Vanassche

The theme of the workshop will be "Empowerment" and will have its focus on the indivual performers challenges on the stage right now. Liesl is known for the powerful performances she elicits from her performers. Her productions are always nominated for best acting because she has a unique acting approach which is based on a combination of text analysis, physical work and inspiring the imagination. A specific and holistic process which pushes the actor beyond the basic performance into the next level of passionate performance, She will use visceral modern texts to move actors out of the comfort zone and into total empowered performance. There will also be strategy sessions about where you are now as an artist and where you want to go, and how to achieve these goals.
NB: The teaching will be hold in english

Workshopleader: Liesl Tommy

Liesl Tommy is an award winning well know afro-american director, she has worked on to great acclaim in NYC and is teaching  and directing internationally. She directed the award-winning "Ruined" in 2010 that got the Pulitzer-prize for best drama.  

Co-producers: Dansk Skuespillerforbund




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